Gettin’ Clean & Dirty (A Duet)

Rough Shower

Your naked form through frosted glass

Brings wicked thoughts of hand upon ass

With my interest rising firm down below

Just the right touch makes sweet honey flow


Wound with tension, unable to relax

Hot droplets dancing down my nude back

Rising steam with longing sensations

Body slick with pleasant temptation


Hand up your neck, a fistful of hair

Now girl I have you, trapped in my snare

Jerk your head back to kiss your wet lips

Spin you around to master your hips


Putting up a struggle to provoke the beast

Mounting lust our inhibitions unleashed

Overwhelmed by your commanding touch

Resistance proven futile in your tight clutch


Hand on your neck and one at your waist

I bend you over and hope you are braced

Step back to see just what you present

My palm to your ass and will not relent


Doubled over I grasp onto my ankles

On display, giving you the perfect angle

Lather slides slowly down my crack

Your strong hand gives stinging slaps


Standing you up I spin you around

Command you now with knees to the ground

Obediently working your way to the south

My fullness then fills your hot waiting mouth


Pressure on the tops of my shoulders

Forces me down before your solider

Sweet firmness streams down my throat

Inundating my airway, making me choke


Such a good girl, you take me all in

We relish these moments of blissful sin

You get me so close, but now’s not time

First I must make you feel your sublime


Making you watch as I work myself over

Once again, I command you BEND OVER

Hands locked on your hips a powerful thrust

Invading your space forces you to adjust


Reaching around to work on your clit

Never neglecting, with handful of tit

With legs getting weak and starting to quiver

You cum with a scream and a full body shiver


Riding the tide juices flow down my thigh

Heartbeat races fast with a climatic high

Grinding my backseat against your meat

Working you hard for my special treat


Slapping wet bodies under the spray

Releasing anxieties from a long fitful day

Perfection of balance, to give and receive

Complete ecstasy is equally achieved


With a thrust and a groan I have my release

Thighs pop on ass, with weakness of knees

Pulsing inside you reach for my sac

Each throbbing spasm held in your grasp



This Duet was quite fun to write with Wet Bliss.  She adds just the right touch of delightful naughtiness.

Thanks Bliss for playing with me on this wet and wild piece.  It was a pleasure.  🙂

Please take the time to go check out her page by clicking her name above or HERE.





We talk of love

Of sex and wanting

Life and all its twists and turns

Our conversations never seem to end

They seamlessly flow from day to night to day

With every single word and phrase

I feel it deep within my bones

Body crying out for you

An agonizing pull



Flip My Switch

Flip my Switch

Flip my switch

turn me on

hot and bothered

all day long

I’ll flip your switch

that soft little nub

with finger and tongue

will lick and rub

Don’t stop there

flip some more

there are other parts

to love and adore

I know what you need

my sweet little dear

a hot dripping climax

that’s why I’m here

Of course My Sir

you always deliver

licking and rubbing

making me quiver


Another sensual and exquisitely fun duet with my dear partner bruisedbelly.  She always brings out the best (worst) in me…. and I love it.   Please do yourself a favor and jump to her page by clicking her name.   😉

The Meeting ~ A Duet

The idea for this post was all Bruisedbelly and I am grateful she wanted to work together on it. She is a wonderful woman with a lot to offer. Please take the short trip over to her site if you haven’t already done so. This meeting was amazing to say the least. 🙂

The Migraine Chronicles


A duet with my wonderful Boss (I mean writing partner) Mr. Nottooold2.  As always, a pleasurable experience.  For more reading pleasure head over to his site Insecurely Confident and have a look.

A meeting is scheduled
in the conference room,
the time
half past two.

The attendees

The topic is heated
so are we
we debate and negotiate
until we agree.
You pump me with ideas
thoughts coincide

Your first offer is hard
to accept, but I do so
Spreading it out
on the conference table,
we get down to brass tacks.

You drive a hard bargain, Sir
but I thoroughly enjoy your
negotiating techniques.
A meeting of the minds
to say the least.

Our contract
it’s always pleasurable
doing business
with a man like you.

He asked:
Are you open to
hammer out another deal
next week?

(To be continued….)

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Her Rough Day















She burst through the door

Her clothing it trailed

the words came like bullets

I need to get nailed

My day was for shit

bad all around

get your shaft over here

And prep it to pound

Don’t you dare make sweet love

No, nothing so tender

rattle my bones

tonight I surrender

Swat my ass hard

I need it to sting

Release all this shit

And my body will sing

So I took control

of her body and mind

knocked it out hard

to help her unwind

She smiles as she’s sleeping

angelic and fine

days such as this

I’m lucky she’s mine

The Boss (It’s good to be the Boss)

The Boss

All day at the office

mind weary and worn

with problems all day

I crave the norm


Face in my hands

on the edge of the bed

a moment of peace

let go of this dread


Without looking up

I feel you so near

in nothing but panties

baby I’m here


You offer yourself

submission divine

my own private pleasure

release is sublime


With one rigid finger

your panties come down

I lean in to kiss

a soft supple mound


Your musk drives me wild

I command you to kneel

freeing myself

your mouth I must feel


You do as your told

hair flipped with a toss

you swallow my love

because I am the boss




For Her Pleasure Only

Her pleasure

Giving just for giving’s sake

without expecting ever to take

lay back my dear and feel the tingle

I’ll take my time with sweet cunnaligual

tasting your nectar my spirit will soar

lapping, sucking and wanting you more

fingers will spread your sweet dripping lips

my hands are controlling pulsating hips

grinding yourself hard into my face

pulling aside your panties of lace

cum for me now, you sweet sexy girl

as I lick and I suck your glistening pearl

now that you’ve cum all at my behest

I want you to watch me clean up your mess

with careful attention I lap at your gift

descend from our high with bodies adrift

And you cum again…….








Things change

Usually for the better


No, seriously…..


And if they don’t……



PS: There is always a silver lining and she makes me smile.


Batman Smile


Fireside Ride


Arching your back as you ride

grinding into me with reckless abandon

knowing my only desire

is to feel your depths

pulsing in release

as your flowing passion trickles between my legs

Buried deep inside

my finger massaging wrinkled exit

mouth devouring each nipple in alternating rhythm

as free hand does not neglect unattended breast

Placing your hands on my chest

your nails bite into my flesh

exquisite pain and pleasure

“Cum for me” I groan into your chest

so deeply it resonates through your bones

as the waves sweep over you

leaving a glistening wet trail down my sac

Grabbing your cheeks, I pull you in

with a force you relish

Cupping your neck in one hand

and pulling your mouth to mine

as you feel my fingers dig into your round cheeks

you moan in my mouth

my hand grips a handful of hair

the other unconsciously bruising your ass

and, I cum