Sex by syllable


Feel the hardness of my desire

Your wetness beckons me onward 

Reaching down to guide me in

Left hand grasping my hair

My left works your pearl

I bite your ear


As we



Thanks to jadedmess for the idea of trying my hand at Nonet.  🙂


Red woven thread

It seems as though

I heard someplace

there are people connected by a thread

A glorious red, silken string

a string that knows no bounds or limits of time and space

but look closely

the string is not a simple single strand

it is woven from many strands

gaining strength as strand is added

as the pattern grows

The pattern of the weave is,

and always was

It is perpetual

To those that understand,

those holding one end or another of their personal eternal string

cherish it and preserve it

Feel it, experience it’s joy and power

question it not

For there are things in this world just are

Some connections just ARE

For Her Pleasure Only

Her pleasure

Giving just for giving’s sake

without expecting ever to take

lay back my dear and feel the tingle

I’ll take my time with sweet cunnaligual

tasting your nectar my spirit will soar

lapping, sucking and wanting you more

fingers will spread your sweet dripping lips

my hands are controlling pulsating hips

grinding yourself hard into my face

pulling aside your panties of lace

cum for me now, you sweet sexy girl

as I lick and I suck your glistening pearl

now that you’ve cum all at my behest

I want you to watch me clean up your mess

with careful attention I lap at your gift

descend from our high with bodies adrift

And you cum again…….





Silence (Ahh, but Monday)


“Silence is Golden”

as the saying it goes

but without choice

is causes such woes


Hour after hour

the time how it slows

days upon minutes

who of us knows


I lay my head down

in evening’s repose

pray for the peace

only slumber bestows


Then Monday comes

I read her sweet prose

A smile on my face

Happiness flows