Inconsiderate, Me

Heart Scar

I should have known better

I should have had more empathy

Because she worries

When I’m alone in the woods

An hour after dark and no word from me

That isn’t like me at all

You see, she worries about me sometimes

The stubborn SOB that I am

I push it

I push myself

I take risks

And she worries about me

Three unanswered messages

Borderline freaking out

Finally, I respond

How utterly rude of me

She said, “It’s okay, now I can put my heart back in my chest”

The scar reminds me of the pain I caused

Pain I hope to never put her through again

It would have taken so little

A simple, “I’m okay, just getting something to eat”


But she forgives so readily

And I love her for it

Thank you my dear