Thought without words

silent understanding

600 miles for a moment

her hand on my knee

my arm around her waist

her head resting on my shoulder

my lips caress her forehead

sitting together

as the world passes us by


faces speaking so very loudly

eyes telling the story in a twinkle

some things never need to be said

they are perfect when left


Genre Mash

Let’s start the week with a couple tunes that have been stuck in my head for days for a bunch of reasons.  They are completely different genres, but that’s how the synapse fire.

Some Merle Haggard.

And some Nine Inch Nails.

I’m curious to know if there are others who have odd musical concoctions bouncing around in their head any given moment.

The Prophet (Kahlil Gibran)


“One day you will ask me which is more important?

My life or yours?

I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.”


NOTE: I was on vacation the past week and this book was part of the lodge owners private library.  I read it voraciously from cover to cover (Okay fine, it’s short but so what?  LOL)    Many points to ponder.  Nothing incredibly new, but the delivery was unique….at least to me.   I hope you find something of your own the quote.