The Words She Doesn’t Say

It’s been said

thought cannot exist

without words



the basis of thought

and language



Quick, think of something

anything at all

without thinking of the word for that thing


Can you?

Did you?



Maybe not


If the above is true

there is one thing I know

and it defies reason and logic


I hear the words she doesn’t say


The thoughts she has

without a single syllable or intonation


From miles away

yet they are clear to me

resonating in my head and heart


What a wonderful gift

we share, she and I


Without words

Used to be……

“Then your wife seems to think you’re part of the furniture. Oh, it’s peculiar. She used to be so nice…….”

Sometimes, even when you think you are doing everything you can and then some… still isn’t enough. 

At such times, the long way home is not such a bad thing.

Pissed at the world (and need a release)

I need it hard

to let down my guard

hear the pop of my thighs on your sweet sweaty ass

each thrust of my cock this anger will pass

I just need to fuck you

no romance for two

feel your wet heat so tight

struggle for me and put up a fight

my fist grips your hair

so naked and bare

I’m pissed at the world and need a release

fuckfully angry this rage to appease

slamming into you until I am close

then shoot my hot load like god damn fire hose

I just need to fuck for fucks only sake

this fucking frustration to fuckingly slake

I’ve been away….


I’ve been away for so long

Not away, away

just away

but we are together

not together, together

but together

Deeply connected in spirit

by a beautiful Red Thread

weaving it’s way through forest and field

From north to south and back again

Not a day goes by

that we don’t talk, somehow…

but not for all of you to see

we talk for us

because it’s who we’ve become

it’s who we are

and it’s good

I’ve been away for so long

but not away, away

because she is with me