Genre Mash

Let’s start the week with a couple tunes that have been stuck in my head for days for a bunch of reasons.  They are completely different genres, but that’s how the synapse fire.

Some Merle Haggard.

And some Nine Inch Nails.

I’m curious to know if there are others who have odd musical concoctions bouncing around in their head any given moment.

Pissed at the world (and need a release)

I need it hard

to let down my guard

hear the pop of my thighs on your sweet sweaty ass

each thrust of my cock this anger will pass

I just need to fuck you

no romance for two

feel your wet heat so tight

struggle for me and put up a fight

my fist grips your hair

so naked and bare

I’m pissed at the world and need a release

fuckfully angry this rage to appease

slamming into you until I am close

then shoot my hot load like god damn fire hose

I just need to fuck for fucks only sake

this fucking frustration to fuckingly slake


Dappled Sunlight

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Mind adrift with carnal thought

Lustful stirrings, not quite sin

Lessons learned, but never taught

Her silken form does wait for me

Pleasures both forever sought

Undulating like the sea

Rolling as an evening storm

Foretelling lust that will be

Gentle rain, soft and warm

The love rains down sublime

Mind and body consumed in swarm

Bodies tangled in naked rhyme

Always knowing I’m her man

Each and every sultry time

Celestial rays form an alluvial fan

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Illuminates a greater plan

  This was not as easy as I had imagined.  Thank you to Der Erzahler at Der Erzahler’s Musings for the poetic form idea. His post “The Beast Within” was written in Terza Rima form and the above is my feeble attempt at the same and was written with a certain someone in mind….. I hope her belly is not so bruised at this particular moment.  😉




We talk of love

Of sex and wanting

Life and all its twists and turns

Our conversations never seem to end

They seamlessly flow from day to night to day

With every single word and phrase

I feel it deep within my bones

Body crying out for you

An agonizing pull



Flip My Switch

Flip my Switch

Flip my switch

turn me on

hot and bothered

all day long

I’ll flip your switch

that soft little nub

with finger and tongue

will lick and rub

Don’t stop there

flip some more

there are other parts

to love and adore

I know what you need

my sweet little dear

a hot dripping climax

that’s why I’m here

Of course My Sir

you always deliver

licking and rubbing

making me quiver


Another sensual and exquisitely fun duet with my dear partner bruisedbelly.  She always brings out the best (worst) in me…. and I love it.   Please do yourself a favor and jump to her page by clicking her name.   😉

The Meeting ~ A Duet

The idea for this post was all Bruisedbelly and I am grateful she wanted to work together on it. She is a wonderful woman with a lot to offer. Please take the short trip over to her site if you haven’t already done so. This meeting was amazing to say the least. 🙂

The Migraine Chronicles


A duet with my wonderful Boss (I mean writing partner) Mr. Nottooold2.  As always, a pleasurable experience.  For more reading pleasure head over to his site Insecurely Confident and have a look.

A meeting is scheduled
in the conference room,
the time
half past two.

The attendees

The topic is heated
so are we
we debate and negotiate
until we agree.
You pump me with ideas
thoughts coincide

Your first offer is hard
to accept, but I do so
Spreading it out
on the conference table,
we get down to brass tacks.

You drive a hard bargain, Sir
but I thoroughly enjoy your
negotiating techniques.
A meeting of the minds
to say the least.

Our contract
it’s always pleasurable
doing business
with a man like you.

He asked:
Are you open to
hammer out another deal
next week?

(To be continued….)

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