Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to say “Thank You” in a big way to traigicxescape. for giving me this award. It was completely unexpected and I am deeply honored. Please take the time to visit her page and see what she has to say. For sure there is something you will like. (I apologize now if I’ve neglected any standard blogging protocol.)


Now, for the fun part. 7 things about me…..

1) I can run faster than most men half my age.
2) I love playing and coaching baseball.
3) Never in a Million years did I think I would have a blog, let alone one writing “poetry” of any kind.
4) Outdoor activities are a favorite, especially outdoor sex and swimming. It’s even better when the two are combined. 🙂
5) I can dive over 30 feet deep in any body of water.
6) My 3 sons are the light of my life.
7) And I am grateful to have been chosen for this award and for having such a great writing partner in bruisedbelly.
I hope I did all of this “right”. I am not the most literate man when it comes to this stuff. Actually bb is the person that got me through this process. Without her none of the links would be possible. I know, some of you are saying, “Really, he’s THAT much of a dorky old man?” Yep, I am. LOL