Intimate Connection ~ A (Recycled) Duet

BB is such an amazing woman and writer. I was lucky to have been “tricked” into this duet. Which makes me smile. 🙂 Our connection and friendship is very special and something I value very much. As she said, we are always working or thinking of things to write. Life is rather busy at the moment, but we will put something together soon. Thanks for reading. In the mean time, please enjoy her solo work and the duets she has written and will write with other talented people.

The Migraine Chronicles

Mr. Nottoold2 and I have been writing together for what has been a simply wonderful year.  I was actually getting ready to leave the blog scene when he started commenting with me; that turned into very easy banter, which turned into a writing partnership, subsequently forming a deeper connection and friendship.  Although we have not shared any of our writing pieces in a few months, I assure you we are always working on some project, perhaps we will even decide to share again some day. Intimate Connection was the very first piece we wrote together.  By the way, I tricked him into writing with me, true story.  I am very happy I did.


A Duet by BruisedBelly & Nottooold2

While she sat across the table
she watched his eyes caress her face
she wondered what he was thinking
as her mind began to race

He knew she felt his gaze

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