Our Moonlight (A Duet with Bruisedbelly)

Our Moonlight (A Duet with Bruisedbelly)

It has been a while since bruisedbelly and I have posted individually or together.  So it is a special thing to me that she came out of “retirement” to help complete this short, spur of the moment piece.  Thank you BB.  XO

**BB is not posting much these days, but please peruse her blog and treat yourself to what she has shared of herself.


Deeper than words the two of Us are

Far beyond a nighttime constellation

With two lost souls, We collided in space

Colliding comets come face to face


To share Our moon so bright and true

Silhouetting the image in our minds  

Stay with me babe, year upon year

Heart held memories lasting forever


Our moon, Our stars in one shared sky

To gaze upon them, suspends time

As one moment grows into another

Our connection grows ever stronger


Yes, I’ll stay with you for all eternity

In fact my dear, we’ll make history

Deeper than words We certainty are

For our words are written upon the stars



Halloweenie ~ A Duet

As she has a natural tendency to do, BB provided significant motivation and inspiration for this duet. If you’d like to get a little tingle in your nether regions, shed a tear or have a laugh she can provide all of those and then some. Please go check her out at The Migraine Chronicles and enjoy.

The Migraine Chronicles

A Halloween Story with Nottooold2

A windy, chilly All Hallows Eve
My baby cuddled up on the couch with me
A creak, a crack, what can that be?
My big strong man gets up to see

On highest alert I scan for danger
Apparition, ghost or stranger
No demon or ghoul, nothing to fear
For here in my arms, there is safety my dear

Relaxed and cozy, my mind at ease
Easily getting back to my baby’s needs
A moan, a groan, did I hear a howl
With devilish eyes, he pulls me to the shower

A howl and growl from deep within
Breath and heart racing, ready for sin
With nibble and bite passions ignite
Feigning a struggle, as lovers do fight

Naked, wet, soapy and slick
She whispers to him, “treat or a trick”
Before he answers, she’s on her knees
Taking her own treat, his Halloweenie



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Lick Me – A Duet

A duet from bruisedbelly and nottooold2


Don’t apologize to me

Don’t ever say you’re sorry

Feel what you feel

Perception always real


For if the word is spoken

This promised not in token

With smack upon your butt

Your mouth will surly shut


Apologize with a kiss

An open mouthed lick

Acceptance of apology

Only when you lick me

Your words you may keep

They mean nothing to me

If you must apologize

Lick the inside of my thighs

Tongue to flesh so sweet

Don’t you dare retreat

From knee up to your crease

You’ll beg for sweet release

At times you’re feeling lost

And oft times need be bossed

So put your mind at ease

But hold your apologies


A licking not soon forgot

Quivering, and oh so hot

So down on your knee

When I say, “Lick me”

If you enjoyed reading our little romp, do yourself a favor and visit bruisedbelly’s blog. She is far more than simply a pretty face with a beautiful (and yes, sometimes naughty) mind.

Feel Without Feelings

A Duet by: nottooold2 & Dana



I wish I could still feel

Your touch on my skin

Your lips on my lips

The joy of holding you close

I wish I could forget

The tears of our regret

When my kisses faded

Leaving your needs unmet

I wish I could still feel

The warmth of your body

The happiness you shared

Your breath on my neck

I wish I could forget

My whispered denial

Of promises never meant

As we lay together, spent

I wish I could still feel

The tingle of your fingers through my hair

Aimlessly drifting and twirling

As we drive with no destination in mind

I wish I could forget

All your dangerous curves

I failed to navigate safely

The dead-ends filled with sirens

I wish I could still feel

The ocean breeze on our skin

As we lay naked on the beach

Under the moon and stars

I wish I could forget

the sandy abrasions on my knees

as I pleaded for another chance

to silence your saline good-bye

I wish, above all, I could still feel

Feel everything we were back then

The good and bad, the highs and lows

Feel everything without the all-consuming feelings

(I wish I could forget there was an end at all)

***I would like to thank Dana for helping to flesh this idea out.

Sometimes an off-hand comment can turn into something more.

Playroom (A duet)

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


From across the room I feel your eyes

They radiate between my thighs

Holding your stare, I move to you

The crowd disappears, it’s just we two


Take my hand, find a hide-a-way

Let’s find room, a place to play

Rushing blood creates a hum

It won’t be long before we cum


Before we do, a taste I must

Part your thighs, with wanton lust

To kiss your lips is so divine

The sweetness on my tongue, sublime


Arching to you, once, then twice

My mouth moans pleasure and invites

My body begs and pleads

Cum hard inside me


Bodies collide in sweetest embrace

Expressions of pleasure etched on our face

One final thrust buried deep in your crease

Throbbing pulsations, you feel my release


***Bruisedbelly and I were in one of those moods the other day and needed to get our release. Imagining a Playroom of sorts did the trick for both of us.  Thanks BB for being a constant source of inspiration.  XO

If you haven’t been to Her page DO IT NOW, capisce?!!

Morning’s Tender

A duet by nottooold2 and bruisedbelly.


In dappled sunlight, morning’s dream

Sweet beginning, last night’s steam

Blankets askew, sheets asunder

Dawn so tranquil, Midnight’s thunder


To touch your cheek, a smile does bloom

Daylight minds adrift, in dark they did consume

Passion’s scent, on air does linger

On sweet moist lips, does dance a finger


Eyes flicker open, see your smiling face

Snuggle in closer, my lovers embrace

Breathe you in, bring night to morn

Savor this moment, treasure not mourn


Slight blush to cheeks, a giggle too

Recalling those things, we secretly do

Thunder of night, bring mornings tender

From lightning bolt, to sweetest surrender


Lay with me dear, so close and serene

To worship you as, a king to his queen

Ruling our world, this bed for a throne

Apart or together, but never alone


With heavenly kisses, on skin my lips dance

To savor your essence, and pleasure enhance

Your soul’s fulfillment, my only desire

‘Tis setting ablaze, this passionate fire


With morning caress, sparks ignite once more

Embers still warm, burn through my core

My king and my love, my mornings first kiss

Awaken me dear, with loves renewed bliss

My wonderful writing partner (the lovely and gracious Bruisedbelly) was responsible for the existence of this post.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and baseball that any writing I do is either in an e-mail, spread sheet or scorebook.  Her gentle nudge made it just fall together…as her nudges always do.  Thanks babe. Once again, you made this happen.  😉

Time Peace

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


I rush from morning until night

But when you are in my sight

I really wish time would just stand still

It moves too fast until

Another day has passed

I am reminded my time with you won’t last

Time is on my side

Except when you are on my mind


For when my mind is with you

Time is smoke through an open flue

Gone before I realize

The value of its hidden prize

I despise the clock upon the wall

Its hands my will cannot forestall

Lifetimes in the blink of an eye

The soul’s own window will never lie

Time is but a human measure

Spent with you, life’s truest treasure


If I could stop the sands of time

Perhaps even hit rewind

Would that even be enough time

For your heart and for mine

For what We have become needs infinity

To fully capture the enormity

Of what cannot be contained

By mortal hypocrisy


Is time our enemy or our savior

Will it allow us moments to savor

            For in the end what do we keep              

Time to laugh and time to weep

Do we master time I pray

Or does time master us each day


It marches on I’ve heard it said

An unknown voice within our head

Trudging onward toward the grave

Brutal blows from rod and stave

Yet time can also heal all wounds

But sometimes takes 10,000 moons


In the end there is only time

All our flesh not worth a dime

Enjoy your time, laugh and sing

Your voice a joyous happy ring

**Thank you bruisedbelly for your inspiration and patience during the writing of this duet.  You always have a way of gently pushing me to write and nudging me in the most positive ways.

For the readers: If you haven’t been to her page, please click HERE and enjoy her wonderfully unique perspectives. You’ll be glad you did.

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