Kitchen Dancing

Kitchen Dancing2Kitchen Dancing

You take my hand with trepidation

not sure what to expect

your right in my left

my right in the small of your back

your left resting on my shoulder

Relax my dear

you are safe in my arms

Trust me

follow my lead

my left will push your right,

my right will pull you in

in unison we will glide as one

To music only we can hear

This could be our life together

our evening ritual before dinner

or before bed

wearing a path in the kitchen tile

one two three, one two three

just you and me

And so it would be


Two become one


to music that does not exist

Music only hearts can feel

and only children can see

Smiling up at us

with curly red hair

The kitchen our dance floor

simmering pots and pans

our orchestra

and we dance……

Oh, how beautifully we dance



For some unknown reason

I’m drawn to this image

This soft unknown woman

And her warm haunting visage

She is no one I know

No recognizable feature

But again, I’m drawn to her

This beautiful creature

It could be quite possible

My mind knows the truth

That somehow I loved her

In long ago youth

A vestigial memory

I have not a clue

It could be this simple

She reminds of you




She Soars


She is hard on herself

yet inside she’s tender

Her own toughest critic

but will never surrender

No outside force

can cripple or bind

yet battles still rage

within her own mind

Somehow she prevails

with sweet stubborn grace

a stern look of whimsy

on her beautiful face

I stand here in awe

and watch her soar by

with full sated heart

a tear in my eye

NOTE:  I am quite aware of the disconnect in “a stern look of whimsy”.  If you knew her it would make complete sense.

Her Ring (Rose Quartz)

Rose Quartz

Given to her for strength

For balance

For peace

For love

My unconditional love, always

To help her love herself

Which I so desperately desired for her

And she so desperately needed

Custom designed specifically for her

Designed to calm her heart and mind

One of a kind for a one of a kind

Perfection on perfection

Once her source of comfort when we were apart

Now a source of pain and regret


Hidden in a dark box, alone

Waiting for her to see the truth

Though we were not meant to be

It’s meaning remains

Some day, in a quiet moment of solitude

She will slip it on her dainty finger again

Smile and remember

Unconditional Love

My lasting love for her

Her ring