Morning’s Tender

A duet by nottooold2 and bruisedbelly.


In dappled sunlight, morning’s dream

Sweet beginning, last night’s steam

Blankets askew, sheets asunder

Dawn so tranquil, Midnight’s thunder


To touch your cheek, a smile does bloom

Daylight minds adrift, in dark they did consume

Passion’s scent, on air does linger

On sweet moist lips, does dance a finger


Eyes flicker open, see your smiling face

Snuggle in closer, my lovers embrace

Breathe you in, bring night to morn

Savor this moment, treasure not mourn


Slight blush to cheeks, a giggle too

Recalling those things, we secretly do

Thunder of night, bring mornings tender

From lightning bolt, to sweetest surrender


Lay with me dear, so close and serene

To worship you as, a king to his queen

Ruling our world, this bed for a throne

Apart or together, but never alone


With heavenly kisses, on skin my lips dance

To savor your essence, and pleasure enhance

Your soul’s fulfillment, my only desire

‘Tis setting ablaze, this passionate fire


With morning caress, sparks ignite once more

Embers still warm, burn through my core

My king and my love, my mornings first kiss

Awaken me dear, with loves renewed bliss

My wonderful writing partner (the lovely and gracious Bruisedbelly) was responsible for the existence of this post.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and baseball that any writing I do is either in an e-mail, spread sheet or scorebook.  Her gentle nudge made it just fall together…as her nudges always do.  Thanks babe. Once again, you made this happen.  😉

Reminds me of L & T……

Kill Bill 2

Just watched Kill Bill 2 (again) the other day and this line from the end of the movie caught my attention.

Uma Thurman’s character (The Bride) just told David Carradine’s character (Bill) that she was a bad person after basically exploding his heart with her fingers.  This was his response, knowing he was about to die.

I just sat there smiling to myself and thought, “Yep, it’s just like that.”

There are two incredible women that share this amazingly wonderful trait.  😉

Maybe it explains why we can care so much for certain people even when they hurts us.