Debauchery ~ A Duet

BB makes these duets so much more enjoyable than they would have ever been solo. As you all know (and if you don’t you should go find out) she is a wonderful woman with a wonderful mind. Please do yourself a favor and peruse her site.

The Migraine Chronicles

A Collaboration between Nottooold2 & BruisedBelly

For all that I yearn
is between your smooth legs
my glistening shaft
throbs and it begs

Drops of excitement
dance on the crown
linger a moment
before trickling down

My tongue to your clit
your hand on my cock
stroking so gently
your hips start to rock

Back and forth
and circle around
from deep in my chest
animalistic sounds

Your member so hard
with glorious drips
I bring to my mouth
craving a lick

I’m dying to feel
you inside of me
I cum at the thought
so hot, sweet, sticky

You’ve tasted my drips
now let me taste yours
like sweet drops of honey
it trickles and pours

Plunging inside
your sheath ’round my blade
thrusting so deeply
legs open and splayed

Muscles constrict
within your wet walls
this friction and lust
spews seed from my balls

Now that we’ve cum

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Time Peace

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


I rush from morning until night

But when you are in my sight

I really wish time would just stand still

It moves too fast until

Another day has passed

I am reminded my time with you won’t last

Time is on my side

Except when you are on my mind


For when my mind is with you

Time is smoke through an open flue

Gone before I realize

The value of its hidden prize

I despise the clock upon the wall

Its hands my will cannot forestall

Lifetimes in the blink of an eye

The soul’s own window will never lie

Time is but a human measure

Spent with you, life’s truest treasure


If I could stop the sands of time

Perhaps even hit rewind

Would that even be enough time

For your heart and for mine

For what We have become needs infinity

To fully capture the enormity

Of what cannot be contained

By mortal hypocrisy


Is time our enemy or our savior

Will it allow us moments to savor

            For in the end what do we keep              

Time to laugh and time to weep

Do we master time I pray

Or does time master us each day


It marches on I’ve heard it said

An unknown voice within our head

Trudging onward toward the grave

Brutal blows from rod and stave

Yet time can also heal all wounds

But sometimes takes 10,000 moons


In the end there is only time

All our flesh not worth a dime

Enjoy your time, laugh and sing

Your voice a joyous happy ring

**Thank you bruisedbelly for your inspiration and patience during the writing of this duet.  You always have a way of gently pushing me to write and nudging me in the most positive ways.

For the readers: If you haven’t been to her page, please click HERE and enjoy her wonderfully unique perspectives. You’ll be glad you did.

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Powder My Pecker

The sweetest dust of powder

The brand of course is moot

Domino or Zulka

Your sweet tooth it will suit

Sweet upon your tongue

My powdered shaft will dance

Candy coated manhood

This sweetened fleshy lance

We drift off on the sea

Or fly so far away

Regardless of location

It’s here we both will stay

So take my rock hard candy

In powdered sugar’s coat

Transformed into a liquid

Trickling down your throat

This was originally going to be more “tame” in response to BB’s post, but it kind of got away from me due to the mood I’m currently in.  😉