I don’t understand real “Poetry” they way many of you do. It’s all a convoluted mess of rhyme, non-rhyme & seems like just a bunch of words to me. I don’t really think, just type. If anyone has a clue what this stuff is, I’m open to your thoughts and/or comments.

“Carnal thoughts”

Undulating flesh
The sweet scent of sex
Fingertip or leather
All at her behest
Her body is his haven
A place for him to hide
Both are lost in passion
All taboo aside
Her pleasure is his purpose
A single minded goal
To feel her body wreathing
Under his control
Bodies melt to one
Climax felt so deep
Soft and supple touches
Drifting off to sleep


Not sure if this is a poem, lyrics or a just a bunch of random words and thoughts thrown together. So I might as well classify it as all of the above, Right??? This one was Absinthe AND Sweetie inspired just like “Beautiful Is”. I’ve actually decided to lay off the booze. It’s started to make me mean lately and that never used to happen. But in the past 5 months I just get ornery. Maybe there’s a correlation between Sweeties new boy, my drinking and my disposition. Ya think?

Wish I were the man you needed me to be
Instead of the man I am
You could be so happy if I weren’t around
But you need me there with you
Yes you need me near to you
Sometimes distance isn’t measured off in miles
But the miles sure make it hard
Babe you know that I’ve got chain around my heart
But you need me there with you
Yes you need me touching you
I’ve got obligations I just can’t let go
They define me as a man
It’s not easy when your heart is split in two
You have needs, but they do too
I have dreams, but so do you
Life will always give you what you need
Not always what you want
I know this isn’t what you wanted me to say
We’ll be together some fine day
It just cannot be today
Babe you know I love you true
Yes you know that I love you
Never doubt that I love you


So after that last post I thought maybe it would be fun to toss up some lyrics from an old (80’s) tune. It pertains to Sweetie’s self image battle and how regardless of the way she sees herself, I see the real her… The Frigging A-Maze-Ing HER. 😛

“But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you”

Lyrics by: Tom Kelly, John Kenneth Wetton, Billy Steinberg
Sung by: Cindi Lauper