A Duet by bruisedbelly & nottooold2

Change - Frog

Changes, they are a’coming

Coming to our days and nights

Nights will be the easy times

Times of trial will be the days

Days filled with work

Work of new and different forms

Forms and processes to learn

Learn to deal with the distance

Distance seemingly more and more

More intense the days will be

Be patient, my dear, WE will survive

Survive the storm and time

Time has nothing but good to give

Give it everything you have and then

Then we will have time to share

Share tomorrow and tomorrow after


A’coming are some Changes

Changes we have faced before

Before we just grew stronger

Stronger in each other’s worlds

Worlds of new adventures

Adventures, together and apart

Apart only in time and distance

Distance never dulls our hearts

Hearts growing fonder with each change

Change is inevitable

Inevitable in our Love

Love remains the same, throughout the changes


*** For the record, it’s been so long since I’ve posted that I forgot how to correctly link to BB’s site. Thank you BB.  For adding your special touch and feel to this.  It would not have been right without you.  XOXO  🙂