Sail Away

A duet:   bruisedbelly and nottooold2


Come and take my hand sweetheart

it’s time for us to go

time to make a brand new start

on wind and current flow


You and I together

sailing away to distant shores

I can’t think of anything better

there is nothing I want more


Lay with me upon this deck

we’ll set our sails aloft

on winds of passion bodies trek

waves rolling hard and soft


We’ll watch this day’s sun set

And tomorrow’s sun rise

As water and sky reflect

in both our loving eyes


Walking barefoot, hand in hand

on beaches so sublime

we covet not a grain of sand

but for the sands of time



Your Scent


Lasting memories are created in many ways
events both large and small
seemingly insignificant moments
and moments that stand out

Our senses record these moments


All are paths to lasting impressions in our mind

Of these, it is said
Scent is the most powerful
the one that leaves an indelible mark

Your mother baking bread
your father’s aftershave
the smell of a baseball glove
the time you puked pickled Jalapeno peppers, peanuts and whiskey
(Wait, that one might just be me)

The point is,
the sense of smell creates deep
and lasting memories

So my dear
if all we ever have together
is a hug
a single solitary hug
for the rest of our lives

Allow me a moment to lose myself
in your neck
to take in your scent

The natural scent of your skin
of your hair
the soap you used that morning
the combination of everything
coming together to create
Your Scent
And my memory of You



From behind
I see the curve
the curve of your hips
the small of your back

From behind
I feel the softness
the softness of your skin
as my hands follow your curves

From behind
I see us together
the sight of me inside of you
effortlessly, erotically and beautifully

From behind
I hear the sound
the sound of thighs on cheeks
in a slow gentle rhythm, yet building

From behind
I catch the scent
the scent of our desires
creating a lasting memory of this moment

From behind
I miss the sight
the sight of your lovely face
to know it’s YOU with me tonight

Enough from behind
I need to see your eyes
that sparkle you have only for me
as we climax together

Not Good Enough?


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The above statement is easier said than done,

but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Most people struggle with feelings of self worth

from time to time.

Some more often than others,

some more intensely.

We tell ourselves we want to be loved, liked,

valued and appreciated. Right?

We ask ourselves why doesn’t anyone tell me

how important I am to them, or how good

I make them feel…. how much I mean to them…

The Rub:  When someone pays us

a compliment we argue the point (if only in our mind).

Why is it so difficult to simply say, “Thank you”?

I am fully cognizant of the circular nature of the issue.

That is, what we need the most

are the very things we do not believe we “deserve”.

So we discount them as false, lies or a line to get something from us.

Try this. The next time someone pays you a compliment,

just say “Thank you, I appreciate that.”  And leave it at that.

Oh, it will be very uncomfortable to be sure. At first.

The fact is, it gets easier the more you do it.

Who knows, maybe some day you will begin to believe you

deserve a compliment or something good

and positive thoughts will supplant all those lies

you’ve become conditioned to believe for as long as you can remember.

Really, what do you have to lose?  Pain, sadness, loneliness??

What is there to gain?  Happiness, joy, fulfillment?

Sounds like a good trade even if you are only

50% successful, you are 50% better off than you are today.

I understand the comfort of the known, even the bad, can be

attractive compared to the unknown. I also know it is easier

said than done, but try.  And……

Smile often. Even if you don’t feel like it.  🙂


Photo by: Catherine Collins

I know it’s genesis
the birthplace of your pain
The seeds that were planted
and the evil that planted them

I see the roots that germinated
burrowing deep into your mind

This noxious plant that took root
with it’s debilitating poison
sometimes paralyzing you to the core

I tried so hard to kill the weed
to show you it was all a lie
a lie in your mind

But I failed
the root survived
and now I fear it’s re-growth

Your comments tell me as much
“It was never ‘Me'”
“I was only there to fill a need”
“It was never real”

All untruths born of the poison

I can hear the narrative in your mind:
how could anyone truly love ME?
Me, The damaged one
the poisoned and tainted one
the one that is only here to give pleasure
the one not deserving of love
after all, I am just a plaything
a body given to the world for it’s carnal desires

Again my dear
lies cause by poison induced delirium
not by any choice of yours

Damn Lies
Damn Fucking Lies
lies foisted upon you
engrained into your psyche at a young age
when that vile hand planted the seed

Know this
and fight to remember it always
fight with every fiber of your being
fight with your heart
because I know the power of your heart

For everything you think you are not
for all the imperfections you see in yourself
for the WORTH you cannot see

I see it
I have always seen it
I will always see it

Just because what we had
is in the past
does not mean it wasn’t real
it does not mean you aren’t “worth it”
you did nothing wrong
you are perfect


I love you