She Wanted to Soar


She said she wanted to soar

to drift on a warm summer breeze.

How could I refuse such a request?

With grown-up hands a child-like plane I did craft.

The perfect vehicle to carry her anywhere her heart desired

for paper is all that is needed to carry a dream or a spirit.



Swamp Drainer

*** This goes out to everyone struggling with too much going on in their life at the moment.  Remember, eventually it WILL pass….  It was inspired by a conversation with BB that reminded me of an old saying I heard my father use.


She stood, surrounded

Hungry, evil eyes peering at her

Through murky waters

The stench overpowering yet oddly sweet

Decaying vegetation and rotting flesh


She stood, surrounded

Wanting to scream or cry

To flee for her life

Shaking from fear and anger

Defiant and determined


She stood, surrounded

Blood stained teeth glistened 

Waiting to devour her whole

Ripping her limb from limb

Staining murky waters red


She stood, surrounded

Feeling weak, yet strong

Up to her ass in alligators

She would not succumb

She would drain this damn swamp

Once and for all

Shirt Coffee (A Tanka Rant)


Rocket science, NOT

It isn’t that difficult

“Shirt coffee”, Really?!!

Cup seam aligned with lid spout

Common sense now uncommon

Note:  Just one of my pet peeves (of which there are many).  Is it too much to expect people to THINK these days??

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you don’t align the thick seam on the rim of the cup with the drinking spout of the lid.

New word for you:  Sphinctosity –  The degree or duration to which an individual has his/her head up their ass.  Typically evaluated on a scale of 1 – 10, henceforth referred to as the Sphinctosity Scale.

Reaching Back


I believe

I believe in many things

Of this world

And beyond

I believe we linger

We linger if there is work left undone

If there are hearts yet to touch

Messages undelivered

Our soul speaks

After our flesh has passed

It speaks to those who are willing

To hear

To heed

To listen

To understand

To weep

To smile

To grieve

I believe some souls reach back

From ABOVE and beyond


Messengers to the living

They are perfect once again

They guide

In dreams and memories

Of the past

And things yet to come

I believe there is a time

A time those who have passed

Reach back and touch the living

To guide and console

To push and cajole

Sometimes no more than a moment

Sometimes days after

And yet sometimes

They are with us for weeks or months

After they are gone from this world

But they DO reach back

To finish the business of their heart


Be open when they reach for you

It is out of love they defy death

If only for a moment

They reach….

For You

Lick Me – A Duet

A duet from bruisedbelly and nottooold2


Don’t apologize to me

Don’t ever say you’re sorry

Feel what you feel

Perception always real


For if the word is spoken

This promised not in token

With smack upon your butt

Your mouth will surly shut


Apologize with a kiss

An open mouthed lick

Acceptance of apology

Only when you lick me

Your words you may keep

They mean nothing to me

If you must apologize

Lick the inside of my thighs

Tongue to flesh so sweet

Don’t you dare retreat

From knee up to your crease

You’ll beg for sweet release

At times you’re feeling lost

And oft times need be bossed

So put your mind at ease

But hold your apologies


A licking not soon forgot

Quivering, and oh so hot

So down on your knee

When I say, “Lick me”

If you enjoyed reading our little romp, do yourself a favor and visit bruisedbelly’s blog. She is far more than simply a pretty face with a beautiful (and yes, sometimes naughty) mind.

Feel Without Feelings

A Duet by: nottooold2 & Dana



I wish I could still feel

Your touch on my skin

Your lips on my lips

The joy of holding you close

I wish I could forget

The tears of our regret

When my kisses faded

Leaving your needs unmet

I wish I could still feel

The warmth of your body

The happiness you shared

Your breath on my neck

I wish I could forget

My whispered denial

Of promises never meant

As we lay together, spent

I wish I could still feel

The tingle of your fingers through my hair

Aimlessly drifting and twirling

As we drive with no destination in mind

I wish I could forget

All your dangerous curves

I failed to navigate safely

The dead-ends filled with sirens

I wish I could still feel

The ocean breeze on our skin

As we lay naked on the beach

Under the moon and stars

I wish I could forget

the sandy abrasions on my knees

as I pleaded for another chance

to silence your saline good-bye

I wish, above all, I could still feel

Feel everything we were back then

The good and bad, the highs and lows

Feel everything without the all-consuming feelings

(I wish I could forget there was an end at all)

***I would like to thank Dana for helping to flesh this idea out.

Sometimes an off-hand comment can turn into something more.

Playroom (A duet)

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


From across the room I feel your eyes

They radiate between my thighs

Holding your stare, I move to you

The crowd disappears, it’s just we two


Take my hand, find a hide-a-way

Let’s find room, a place to play

Rushing blood creates a hum

It won’t be long before we cum


Before we do, a taste I must

Part your thighs, with wanton lust

To kiss your lips is so divine

The sweetness on my tongue, sublime


Arching to you, once, then twice

My mouth moans pleasure and invites

My body begs and pleads

Cum hard inside me


Bodies collide in sweetest embrace

Expressions of pleasure etched on our face

One final thrust buried deep in your crease

Throbbing pulsations, you feel my release


***Bruisedbelly and I were in one of those moods the other day and needed to get our release. Imagining a Playroom of sorts did the trick for both of us.  Thanks BB for being a constant source of inspiration.  XO

If you haven’t been to Her page DO IT NOW, capisce?!!