She Wanted to Soar


She said she wanted to soar

to drift on a warm summer breeze.

How could I refuse such a request?

With grown-up hands a child-like plane I did craft.

The perfect vehicle to carry her anywhere her heart desired

for paper is all that is needed to carry a dream or a spirit.



Beyond Words

Poetry and writing

Reality and fiction

We all bare our hearts and souls in this place

Our fears, love, joy and pain

Shared with people we know

and with total strangers

But do they really hears us?

Can they feel what we write on the level we write it?

Can they make all our words about love, pain and sex superfluous?

We only have our words to express ourselves here

But there is something deeper out there

And it’s real


In this season of love and peace

I wish that all will find that special someone who hears you

Beyond words

Halloweenie ~ A Duet

As she has a natural tendency to do, BB provided significant motivation and inspiration for this duet. If you’d like to get a little tingle in your nether regions, shed a tear or have a laugh she can provide all of those and then some. Please go check her out at The Migraine Chronicles and enjoy.

Playroom (A duet)

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


From across the room I feel your eyes

They radiate between my thighs

Holding your stare, I move to you

The crowd disappears, it’s just we two


Take my hand, find a hide-a-way

Let’s find room, a place to play

Rushing blood creates a hum

It won’t be long before we cum


Before we do, a taste I must

Part your thighs, with wanton lust

To kiss your lips is so divine

The sweetness on my tongue, sublime


Arching to you, once, then twice

My mouth moans pleasure and invites

My body begs and pleads

Cum hard inside me


Bodies collide in sweetest embrace

Expressions of pleasure etched on our face

One final thrust buried deep in your crease

Throbbing pulsations, you feel my release


***Bruisedbelly and I were in one of those moods the other day and needed to get our release. Imagining a Playroom of sorts did the trick for both of us.  Thanks BB for being a constant source of inspiration.  XO

If you haven’t been to Her page DO IT NOW, capisce?!!


Thought without words

silent understanding

600 miles for a moment

her hand on my knee

my arm around her waist

her head resting on my shoulder

my lips caress her forehead

sitting together

as the world passes us by


faces speaking so very loudly

eyes telling the story in a twinkle

some things never need to be said

they are perfect when left