The Past…..

She visited my dream last night

unexpected and unnerving

A haunting visage of the past

After more than two years

Does she still hate me?

I am poison to her happiness

Maybe she was a dream from the start

it almost feels like it now

Yet she still makes me smile,

if only in memories and dreams

and I miss her



For some unknown reason

I’m drawn to this image

This soft unknown woman

And her warm haunting visage

She is no one I know

No recognizable feature

But again, I’m drawn to her

This beautiful creature

It could be quite possible

My mind knows the truth

That somehow I loved her

In long ago youth

A vestigial memory

I have not a clue

It could be this simple

She reminds of you




Breakfast With Sweetie

Blueberry Pancakes

She would order blueberry pancakes

just to pick out the blueberries


She would order eggs and bacon

only to pick at the eggs and eat the bacon


She was disgusted by the old man

that hacked and gagged a few booths away


She always put her hand on my leg

and warmed my soul with her smile

Sailors take warning

Michigan: 5:45am today. Amazing and Beautiful.

Red sky in the morning

Red sky at night

sailors delight

Red sky in the morning

sailors take warning


A simple sailor’s rhyme

but never doubt it’s truth

sailors know to read the sky

this we learned in youth


My mother used to share these words

when evening sky caught fire

my mind would leap to morning’s glow

and thoughts of rain’s desire


She used to let us watch the storms

our minds would race and fly

with every clap of thunder

and lightning filled the sky


This morning as I drove to work

while redness filled the sky

reflecting on my mothers face

a tear fell from my eye


I love you Mom.



Feel free in use “Father” or “Dad” if you so choose as you read. It’s all good.  🙂







Thereputic Chores


I had a thought yesterday while
skimming the pool. It dawned on me
how relaxing it was.

Is it just me, or do you find many of the
things you once considered drudgery to be
almost therapeutic as you get older? I abhorred
skimming when my dad used to MAKE me do it as a kid.
Now it is so calming and relaxing. The cool water,
the sun on your shoulders and the satisfaction of
cleaning up all those little fuzzies from the
cottonwood trees.


Cutting the lawn is solitary work
and provides time to reflect. The drone
of the engine, the smell of the grass
and the tune you sing while work.
The feeling you get looking back on
all the straight lines. Love it.


Washing a car. It used to be what
you did just before a date
or something your parents made you do.
Now it’s something to look forward
to on a lazy Saturday.

car wash

The water, the soap,
the shine of your baby and a cold
beer as you admire your work.

Funny how age and time can
change your perspective and
make something that was once
a chore become almost therapeutic.

Or, maybe it’s just me…….