Learning to Walk


Someone very dear to me is going through a difficult time right now

She is a Rock Star in my eyes

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever known

She is learning to “Walk” on her own again

It isn’t easy and it will take effort

She will stumble and possibly fall

but she’s strong in her current fragile state

Heaviness is difficult for me (not that it’s about me)

I feel a need to lighten the moment with silliness

and frivolity

So, my dear….

With all that you are going through

know that I’m here

and remember

in order to walk

Put one foot in front of the other…..(come on, you know the words)

Photo: Winter Warlock / Rankin-Bass – Santa Claus is coming to Town  (1970)

Lick Me – A Duet

A duet from bruisedbelly and nottooold2


Don’t apologize to me

Don’t ever say you’re sorry

Feel what you feel

Perception always real


For if the word is spoken

This promised not in token

With smack upon your butt

Your mouth will surly shut


Apologize with a kiss

An open mouthed lick

Acceptance of apology

Only when you lick me

Your words you may keep

They mean nothing to me

If you must apologize

Lick the inside of my thighs

Tongue to flesh so sweet

Don’t you dare retreat

From knee up to your crease

You’ll beg for sweet release

At times you’re feeling lost

And oft times need be bossed

So put your mind at ease

But hold your apologies


A licking not soon forgot

Quivering, and oh so hot

So down on your knee

When I say, “Lick me”

If you enjoyed reading our little romp, do yourself a favor and visit bruisedbelly’s blog. She is far more than simply a pretty face with a beautiful (and yes, sometimes naughty) mind.

A Walk with The Old Man


Overcast, but warm

The perfect day to share

We have always enjoyed our walks together

He and I


No longer young

He struggles to keep up

But the trail is clear and gently rolling


We used to traverse the woods

Over stumps and deadfalls

Ridges and marshes


These days we simply stroll

Enjoying each other’s company

And the sweet musky scent of the forest


Soaking up the moments we have left

For he is getting no younger

I see it in the gray of his whiskers

And the hitch in his giddy-up


He’s always there for me

And I am always there for him

** One of the best dogs I’ve ever had…. 

Lord of the Flies – (Fargin’ bastages)


Okay, this is my office…

My office, not the damn flies

On nice days (like today)

some like to leave the doors open

I understand why

fresh air, a little extra light

but the flies….

they always seem to navigate

their way through the building

and into my office

it must be the light

and warmth of the afternoon sun

but come on you little sonsabitches!!!

ENOUGH already you fargin’ bastages!!!

I want to have an “open door policy”

but you aren’t making it easy

Find another window to buzz and bounce off of

or face the consequences

Black Belt (Not) – A Rant by nottooold2


Young people crack me up

With their head full of college-speak

Their mouth full of corporate-speak

Believing they are all grown up

It would be funny

if they didn’t think they were wise

knowledge does not equate to wisdom

intelligence is not indicative of common sense

But they are cute in their delivery

Using words like “Synergy” and “Dialog”

Phrases like, “Who would you like to Champion this project”?

I have to smile and mess with them

It’s who I am (some refer to me as a sarcastic dick)  LOL

I say things like, “I’m not sure if I’d want a champion, but Bill could lead the project”.

I crack myself up.

Especially when the kid doesn’t get it.

They try to help the old man understand

that a “Champion” is a “leader”.

Really, Hmmm…I didn’t know that…

I’m not as dumb as You look (and sound) you punk-ass kid

Yesterday an early 20 something explained to me

that if I ever wanted to become a director

I would need to get my Six Sigma Black Belt.

I told him Thank you, but I already had several nice black belts

He didn’t get it…They rarely do

Mostly because they are too busy trying to impress you with everything they know

and all the cool corporate catch phrases they’ve memorized

that they don’t take the time to LISTEN.

They are completely oblivious to the fact that I don’t work

because I have to

I work because I want to

because I enjoy what I do

I have no desire to “Move up”

In fact, the plan is to move down

to a quiet little town in southern Florida

and take walks on the beach and go fishing

My BOARD room will be at the end of a dock

overlooking the gulf of Mexico

and yes, IF I decide to wear shoes at all

and if they are black…..

I will wear one of my black belts

**Image of Six Sigma Black Belt taken from Google images.

NOTE: I hope they don’t mind me using their made up, common sense system that is designed to create an imaginary need for themselves in weak corporate structures and board rooms in addition to giving young college kids jargon that leads them to believe they are actually educated in business all the while, their mommy still has to tie their necktie for them each morning after their bowl of Fruitloops and a Poptart. **** AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON “5S” or S.M.A.R.T. goals !!!!  ****

Feel Without Feelings

A Duet by: nottooold2 & Dana



I wish I could still feel

Your touch on my skin

Your lips on my lips

The joy of holding you close

I wish I could forget

The tears of our regret

When my kisses faded

Leaving your needs unmet

I wish I could still feel

The warmth of your body

The happiness you shared

Your breath on my neck

I wish I could forget

My whispered denial

Of promises never meant

As we lay together, spent

I wish I could still feel

The tingle of your fingers through my hair

Aimlessly drifting and twirling

As we drive with no destination in mind

I wish I could forget

All your dangerous curves

I failed to navigate safely

The dead-ends filled with sirens

I wish I could still feel

The ocean breeze on our skin

As we lay naked on the beach

Under the moon and stars

I wish I could forget

the sandy abrasions on my knees

as I pleaded for another chance

to silence your saline good-bye

I wish, above all, I could still feel

Feel everything we were back then

The good and bad, the highs and lows

Feel everything without the all-consuming feelings

(I wish I could forget there was an end at all)

***I would like to thank Dana for helping to flesh this idea out.

Sometimes an off-hand comment can turn into something more.