Some people make a mark.

They make their mark on the world

or they make their mark on you.

Some even make their mark on both.

Then there are those people

you’ve come to lean on,

the person you didn’t even know

how much you missed

until they were there, but

at the same time not.

Filling you with a feeling of

Missing and Togetherness.


The funny thing is….

it’s not a bad feeling at all.

It’s a warm, knowing feeling

a sense of comfort.

Because there is no doubt

you are on their mind….

somehow, some way.

Good or bad,

happy or sad.

It’s you they think of

just as you think of them.

Such is the juxtaposition of


Fireside Ride


Arching your back as you ride

grinding into me with reckless abandon

knowing my only desire

is to feel your depths

pulsing in release

as your flowing passion trickles between my legs

Buried deep inside

my finger massaging wrinkled exit

mouth devouring each nipple in alternating rhythm

as free hand does not neglect unattended breast

Placing your hands on my chest

your nails bite into my flesh

exquisite pain and pleasure

“Cum for me” I groan into your chest

so deeply it resonates through your bones

as the waves sweep over you

leaving a glistening wet trail down my sac

Grabbing your cheeks, I pull you in

with a force you relish

Cupping your neck in one hand

and pulling your mouth to mine

as you feel my fingers dig into your round cheeks

you moan in my mouth

my hand grips a handful of hair

the other unconsciously bruising your ass

and, I cum




Touch Me


I need to feel your touch

feel your hands upon my skin


Your hand comforts me

and gives me piece of mind


I can’t fully express how much I need your touch

it is not simply your hand I feel

Your touch feeds my soul and tells me

I am valued, needed and loved

It tells me I matter in your life

that I am a priority

at the top of your “to do” list


Without your touch

I grow angry, resentful and spiteful

which pushes you away and lessens your desire to touch me

and becomes a vicious cycle


Look beyond the happy blue

and see the pleading in my eyes

Look past the smile on my face

and hear me screaming for you


Touch me, please

My arm, my chest, my back

my heart, my mind, my soul


Your touch is what I need

to be the man you need me to be

Touch me



Scratches and Bite Marks


I judge my performance by the lines on my back

and the teeth marks on my shoulder


The bite of your nails in my ass cheeks

trying to moderate the rhythm

and mitigate the force of your climax,

to no avail as I grind my pelvic bone into

your clit with each thrust


Again I feel the burn as you rake my flesh,

moist and tender I relish the burn of sweat

in the fresh wounds you inflict

as you release your carnal desires


Desires I crave for you to feel at my hand

riding my steadfast warrior with reckless abandon

and wanton lust


Clawing at my scalp, gripping my hair

and arching your back

I know you are close

my shoulder buried in your neck

you moan feeling the glorious pain

as I grasp your butt controlling your movements

my left hand holding a fistful of hair

I let out a deep guttural groan in you ear

and you cum again, lost in the moment

My body tenses as I draw out

almost to the tip and hold

you scream in my ear, Fuck Me!!

and with a single powerful thrust I cum

feeling your smile against my cheek

I kiss the corner of your mouth





Proud Dad (Bragging)


His team is down 5-4 in the

bottom of the 7th (last inning).

My youngest son is at the plate

with bases loaded and 1 out.

He takes a called first strike

expecting a curve and getting a fastball,

then fouls one off.

Checks his swing on the third pitch

for a count of 1 & 2.

The forth pitch…… CRACK,


as the ball travels on a perfect rocket trajectory

to left center field!

2 run double to win the game!!

The team mobs him in a pile

in the middle of the infield,

the coach picks him up and hugs him

(which isn’t easy because he’s a 165# 15yrs old kid)

and a proud father sits quietly in the

stands and smiles with a tear behind

his sunglasses.


*** What makes it even more sweet (for a father,

because my son doesn’t give a rat’s ass [wonder where

he gets that attitude?]) is he is barely old enough to play

on a 15u team, but plays on a 16u team and is by far

the smallest kid on the team.



2am and I can’t sleep

intoxicated by the vision of you

I run my fingers along your arm

over the curve of your hip

down the length of your thigh

drifting back again and again

ever so gently so as not to wake you


The last four hours spent

in the ecstasy of each others

intimate embrace

sampling the gifts we offered to one another


But now my dear

in this moment

as you dream with the musk of our love

lingering in the air

I want more

I need more of you

but cannot bring myself to wake you

as you dream of me


Slowly my hand drifts downward

to find a familiar tumescent friend

moving slowly at first

gently stroking as I watch you breathe

a slight smile comes to your lips

from the images dancing in your mind


You look so peaceful and beautiful

as the moonlight through the window

caresses your face

soft and perfect as you doze

bringing me closer with every breath you take


As you take a slow deep breath

I’m so close

we release together in perfect harmony

I lay there, satisfied, with quiet guilt

until I see your smile begin to grow

without opening your eyes you whisper

“Thank you for letting me be your inspiration”

touching my cheek,  you kiss me goodnight.