2am and I can’t sleep

intoxicated by the vision of you

I run my fingers along your arm

over the curve of your hip

down the length of your thigh

drifting back again and again

ever so gently so as not to wake you


The last four hours spent

in the ecstasy of each others

intimate embrace

sampling the gifts we offered to one another


But now my dear

in this moment

as you dream with the musk of our love

lingering in the air

I want more

I need more of you

but cannot bring myself to wake you

as you dream of me


Slowly my hand drifts downward

to find a familiar tumescent friend

moving slowly at first

gently stroking as I watch you breathe

a slight smile comes to your lips

from the images dancing in your mind


You look so peaceful and beautiful

as the moonlight through the window

caresses your face

soft and perfect as you doze

bringing me closer with every breath you take


As you take a slow deep breath

I’m so close

we release together in perfect harmony

I lay there, satisfied, with quiet guilt

until I see your smile begin to grow

without opening your eyes you whisper

“Thank you for letting me be your inspiration”

touching my cheek,  you kiss me goodnight.





6 thoughts on “2am

  1. Considering my last 2 responses, all I am going to say is, She inspires gorgeous words – she has to be one delectable woman. Good thing you caught on. Lucky bastard.


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