Touch Me


I need to feel your touch

feel your hands upon my skin


Your hand comforts me

and gives me piece of mind


I can’t fully express how much I need your touch

it is not simply your hand I feel

Your touch feeds my soul and tells me

I am valued, needed and loved

It tells me I matter in your life

that I am a priority

at the top of your “to do” list


Without your touch

I grow angry, resentful and spiteful

which pushes you away and lessens your desire to touch me

and becomes a vicious cycle


Look beyond the happy blue

and see the pleading in my eyes

Look past the smile on my face

and hear me screaming for you


Touch me, please

My arm, my chest, my back

my heart, my mind, my soul


Your touch is what I need

to be the man you need me to be

Touch me



26 thoughts on “Touch Me

  1. Tears gathered and hung out on the ledge for this one, my friend. I felt this, and know the absence of touch. Well done. 🙂


  2. This touched me on many levels. It has stirred thoughts within me that I had long forgotten. Nicely done, wordsmith.


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