The Job Interview


I walked into her office with no preconceived notions or expectations. Why would I?  I already had a good job that paid better than most.  The interview was a lark, something to see if there was anything more challenging out there.  Something to give a sense of accomplishment and meaning.

Things started off normal enough as I had conducted many interviews myself over the years.

– Why did you apply for this position?

– Describe your qualifications.

– What can you bring to this organization?

And so it went for the better part of an hour. The typical back-and-forth of the interview process.  Then it happened, the question I was not ready for.

– Shaven or unshaven?

WTF?  Did I hear her right?  “Excuse me” I said.  She confidently repeated herself. “Shaven or unshaven?”.   As she leaned back in her chair I could see under her short skirt that it was obviously laundry day and she was short on panties. This knowledge provided the answer she was looking for. “Shaven” was my reply, with a wry smile. “Is that so?” she asked leaning forward and pushing her chair away from the desk. “Of course, I try to avoid whisker burns on my face whenever possible.”  Walking around the desk she sat in front of me, legs spread just far enough apart so as not to leave any doubt of her intentions.  “Whisker burns, is that so?  Show me what you mean.” she said.  Instinctively I pivoted my head to check the door. It was closed and I presumed locked.  Putting my hands on her knees while looking directly into her eyes, I spread her legs until I was satisfied.  The glistening wetness was a dead giveaway.  She leaned in and whispered, “Well, prove it!”.  I took my hands off her knees, leaned back with an evil grin and said, “Not until you understand who the boss is here. Do you honestly think YOU are interviewing ME?”  You could have heard a pin drop in that moment.  Her eyes flared in astonishment, then calmed. “Do we understand each other?” I asked.  “I’m not sure.” she replied.  Adjusting myself to the front of my chair I instructed her to lay across my lap.  She did as she was instructed.  Placing one hand on her arm the other struck the first blow.  She winced at the pain and then settled in for the second. “Do you understand who the boss is yet?” I asked.  “I think so.” came her answer.  “Thinking so is not acceptable.”  My hand came down harder this time as she let out a yelp and a moan. She was getting the picture rather nicely. “Do you understand now?”  “Yes, I understand”.  I smacked her once more, hard, stating “You understand, WHO?”  “I understand, Sir!” she said.

For the next hour I interviewed her in every way imaginable. Both taking and giving oral instruction, probing into the depths of her innermost desires and dreams all the while fulfilling mine.

Spent, exhausted and in need of hydration we lay resting on the floor in a dripping mass of each others sweat and cum.  It was then I noticed the office door was open and her secretary was standing just inside looking at us. Then she smiled. I glanced at her boss and saw the most beautifully maniacal grin on her face.

“So I assume this means a second interview?”



Thank you bruisedbelly for the picture. It was the icing on the cake.  🙂

If you haven’t visited her site yet, do yourself a favor and click here: bruisedbelly



14 thoughts on “The Job Interview

  1. Perhaps I need to start looking for a job!! 😉 Interviews sure have changed since I was in the workforce! LOL
    By the way — husband’s CP team placed second in the state and are headed to Arkansas next week for the Dixie Youth AA World Series. What amazing ride this has been!! I thought of you over the weekend. We have one Dad that is a middle school coach and he sits at the left centerfield for every ball game. I imagine he is out there talking to himself during the course of the game — but at least he keeps anything negative or that he disagrees with well away from the players and other coaches!! 😉


    • WOW, Good for him/them!!! That is so great for the kids to travel and play big games like that. They will remember it forever.
      You pegged me. I’m that dad (former coach). Knowing how hard it is, I leave the coach alone. In fact my youngest son’s team got stomped in a tourney last weekend and I thanked the coach. He asked me “what for?” I said for sticking it out and coaching. Win or lose, it’s tough job and you stood up and did it. I’ve been there. 🙂
      Good luck to them in Arkansas. Keep me posted please!


    • Hahahaha. Funny the thoughts a real life job interview can conjure up. Maybe I’ll fumble through another one from the other POV. That is the one I’m most comfortable with anyway.


  2. I see what you mean by getting right to the action! I like how you flipped who was interviewing whom, and who astonished whom. I think now we know the answer to the question that old ’80s sitcom posed to all of us: “Who’s the Boss?” (By the way, I loved the line that it was obviously laundry day!)


    • I honestly tried to write it so the prospective hire was submissive, but it just wouldn’t work. It’s not in my nature. Be advised, a sequel (of sorts) is already forming in my mind. 🙂 Every good hiring process requires at least a second interview and many times a third.

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  3. Haha, could make for interesting feedback notes afterwards (I speak as an HR professional). Unfortunately I’ve only ever interviewed female candidates this way in my mind.


  4. I wonder what the interview at Ashley Madison would be like? You may want to check that out. Sounds like a great retirement project. Oh… not THAT old?


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