Her Beauty

Getting ready

Cast in dappled sunlight
morning rays caress her skin
the embodiment of beauty
perfection dwells within

Linger for a moment dear
let me follow every curve
loving heart and loving body
both the master that I serve

Time to leave, another day
just one more moment please
allow my lips to touch your skin
and on your neck to play

Think of me my sweet angel
deny the world it’s gloom
the night will be our sanctuary
within it love will bloom

Being Okay


So what is it about some people
that can make you feel okay
Okay to just be YOU
and not put on a show

Like a favorite tee shirt
you slip into and it almost
feels like your own skin

Like wearing a ball cap all day
and after taking if off,
you still reach up to grab
the brim to adjust it
because it just felt right

Like holding hands
without ever actually touching
you simply feel it
because it has to be that way

Maybe I’m crazy
maybe I’m the only one
maybe I’m living in a fantasy
maybe it’s a fantasy I’ve created

I don’t really care

There are people in this world
that make it Okay to be YOU
they make you feel amazing
about being Okay




Two bodies intertwined
glistening creatures undulate
feeling his fullness deep within
her womanhood engulfs him whole

Looking into each others eyes
rapture coming near

Rhythmic carnal thoughts and deeds
buried between her folds
hands explore mouths consume
bodies scream for more

Her breathing stops
she holds him tight
now that she has cum

Hands on hips he holds her firm
his fingers dig her flesh
she’ll make him feel alive tonight
make all that’s wrong seem right

Make love to me tonight
I need to feel you in every way
Mind, body and spirit
Make love to me my dear


Spanking 2

It’s all about balance my sweet
every little slip a slide
for every push an equal pull
knowingly you pushed me babe
repercussions on your hide

Nothing mean or done in anger
just a little stinging lesson
push and push and push and push
you know I’ll set you straight
rosy cheeks tell the tale
of lip given in haste

Punishment doled just for you
again it’s just a game
you love push my buttons girl
I let you goad me on
fulfilling all your fantasies
with you fulfilling mine