Our Bath

A duet by:  nottooold2 and bruisedbelly


Our Bath

Warm water cascading down
your body covered in soap
how I love to watch you bathe
bubbles fill my mind with hope

I love your eyes on me
but what I’d love even more
climb in the tub with me
I want to caress YOUR form
Feeling your hand grasping me tightly
stroking with feverish pace
hand working like hell
but your eyes are locked on my face

Nothing brings me more pleasure
than giving pleasure to you
with you looking at me like that
that’s the only thing I want to do
Your focus on me intoxicates
losing myself in your grasp

with single minded focus
I shutter and gasp

My eyes shine with delight
as I smile with your release
now give me a big hug
and kiss me, please
– Thank for sharing a bath with me BB.  🙂

Better to be silent…..

Foot in mouth1

Sometimes something seems just fine

It sounds perfect in your head

Then it leaves your lips or fingers

and you wish you were dead


An old saying reads as such,

Better to be silent and thought a fool

than to speak and remove all doubt


How easy that sounds

but in practice it is so very difficult


The disconnect between mouth and mind

rules the verbiage that we vomit


So here is the dilemma

do we speak our mind

at the risk being misunderstood


No, I say we do not

we speak what is in our head

what is in our heart

what will be, will be


Just remember to wash your feet………….



This Time

This time
This time I need it hard
I need to let down my guard
hear the pop of my thighs against your ass cheeks
look into your eyes with you on your knees
This time I need to fuck you
no romance between us two
feel your heat wrapped around me so tight
Struggle a bit and put up a fight
My fist held tight and full of your hair
making you moan your mind light as air
the sting of my hand, hard on your ass
crimson and burning, shining like glass
Reaching around and grabbing your neck
kissing you hard, not just a peck
you’ve been a good girl, did as your told
now take your treat, my hot flowing load
Coming down from our high
to you I don’t lie
our body like words, oh how they rhyme
you’ve done so well, a good girl This time

The Boss (It’s good to be the Boss)

The Boss

All day at the office

mind weary and worn

with problems all day

I crave the norm


Face in my hands

on the edge of the bed

a moment of peace

let go of this dread


Without looking up

I feel you so near

in nothing but panties

baby I’m here


You offer yourself

submission divine

my own private pleasure

release is sublime


With one rigid finger

your panties come down

I lean in to kiss

a soft supple mound


Your musk drives me wild

I command you to kneel

freeing myself

your mouth I must feel


You do as your told

hair flipped with a toss

you swallow my love

because I am the boss