This Time

This time
This time I need it hard
I need to let down my guard
hear the pop of my thighs against your ass cheeks
look into your eyes with you on your knees
This time I need to fuck you
no romance between us two
feel your heat wrapped around me so tight
Struggle a bit and put up a fight
My fist held tight and full of your hair
making you moan your mind light as air
the sting of my hand, hard on your ass
crimson and burning, shining like glass
Reaching around and grabbing your neck
kissing you hard, not just a peck
you’ve been a good girl, did as your told
now take your treat, my hot flowing load
Coming down from our high
to you I don’t lie
our body like words, oh how they rhyme
you’ve done so well, a good girl This time

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