Dappled Sunlight

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Mind adrift with carnal thought

Lustful stirrings, not quite sin

Lessons learned, but never taught

Her silken form does wait for me

Pleasures both forever sought

Undulating like the sea

Rolling as an evening storm

Foretelling lust that will be

Gentle rain, soft and warm

The love rains down sublime

Mind and body consumed in swarm

Bodies tangled in naked rhyme

Always knowing I’m her man

Each and every sultry time

Celestial rays form an alluvial fan

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Illuminates a greater plan

  This was not as easy as I had imagined.  Thank you to Der Erzahler at Der Erzahler’s Musings for the poetic form idea. His post “The Beast Within” was written in Terza Rima form and the above is my feeble attempt at the same and was written with a certain someone in mind….. I hope her belly is not so bruised at this particular moment.  😉

Gettin’ Clean & Dirty (A Duet)

Rough Shower

Your naked form through frosted glass

Brings wicked thoughts of hand upon ass

With my interest rising firm down below

Just the right touch makes sweet honey flow


Wound with tension, unable to relax

Hot droplets dancing down my nude back

Rising steam with longing sensations

Body slick with pleasant temptation


Hand up your neck, a fistful of hair

Now girl I have you, trapped in my snare

Jerk your head back to kiss your wet lips

Spin you around to master your hips


Putting up a struggle to provoke the beast

Mounting lust our inhibitions unleashed

Overwhelmed by your commanding touch

Resistance proven futile in your tight clutch


Hand on your neck and one at your waist

I bend you over and hope you are braced

Step back to see just what you present

My palm to your ass and will not relent


Doubled over I grasp onto my ankles

On display, giving you the perfect angle

Lather slides slowly down my crack

Your strong hand gives stinging slaps


Standing you up I spin you around

Command you now with knees to the ground

Obediently working your way to the south

My fullness then fills your hot waiting mouth


Pressure on the tops of my shoulders

Forces me down before your solider

Sweet firmness streams down my throat

Inundating my airway, making me choke


Such a good girl, you take me all in

We relish these moments of blissful sin

You get me so close, but now’s not time

First I must make you feel your sublime


Making you watch as I work myself over

Once again, I command you BEND OVER

Hands locked on your hips a powerful thrust

Invading your space forces you to adjust


Reaching around to work on your clit

Never neglecting, with handful of tit

With legs getting weak and starting to quiver

You cum with a scream and a full body shiver


Riding the tide juices flow down my thigh

Heartbeat races fast with a climatic high

Grinding my backseat against your meat

Working you hard for my special treat


Slapping wet bodies under the spray

Releasing anxieties from a long fitful day

Perfection of balance, to give and receive

Complete ecstasy is equally achieved


With a thrust and a groan I have my release

Thighs pop on ass, with weakness of knees

Pulsing inside you reach for my sac

Each throbbing spasm held in your grasp



This Duet was quite fun to write with Wet Bliss.  She adds just the right touch of delightful naughtiness.

Thanks Bliss for playing with me on this wet and wild piece.  It was a pleasure.  🙂

Please take the time to go check out her page by clicking her name above or HERE.


Better to be silent…..

Foot in mouth1

Sometimes something seems just fine

It sounds perfect in your head

Then it leaves your lips or fingers

and you wish you were dead


An old saying reads as such,

Better to be silent and thought a fool

than to speak and remove all doubt


How easy that sounds

but in practice it is so very difficult


The disconnect between mouth and mind

rules the verbiage that we vomit


So here is the dilemma

do we speak our mind

at the risk being misunderstood


No, I say we do not

we speak what is in our head

what is in our heart

what will be, will be


Just remember to wash your feet………….



The Rest of the Story (an ode to CB)

Another fun Duet with the lovely and talented bruisedbelly. This is in response to a comment made by the always entertaining, Chris Brown.
Ice cream 3
The authorities were called to the mess

what had happened no one could guess

the area was filled with whipped cream
chocolate and sprinkles all over the scene

Reports of moaning long into the night
what could have possibly caused this sight
the only explanation to come to mind
an ice cream truck explosion of epic kind
The driver and his passenger found
spent and naked on the ground
covered in such drippy goo
assumptions abound, but no one knew
Sweet confections all over the place

both unconscious with smiling face

cops and bystanders stood in awe
her sticky breast still clutched in his paw
Ice cream 2

“Horny” – A Parody

Re-written by: Weird “nottooold2” Yanksalot


It might seem crazy what I’m about to say

Sunshine she’s here, she’s gonna get a spank

I’ve a big hard shaft that should be right in her mouth

Maybe pull her hair, because she likes it that way


Because I’m horny

Jack along if you feel like a fuck without a rule, Because I’m horny

Stroke along if you feel like cumming is for you, Because I’m horny

Rub along if you know what fingers do to you, Because I’m horny

Fuck along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

[Verse 2:]

Here come bad girls talking this and that, yeah,

Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,

Well, I should probably warn you I will smack your ass, yeah,

No offense to you, but I’ll teach you respect

Here’s why


Because I’m horny

Jack along if you feel like a fuck without a rule, Because I’m horny

Stroke along if you feel like cumming is for you, Because I’m horny

Rub along if you know what fingers do to you, Because I’m horny

Fuck along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

Hey, cum on



You’ll go down

On your knees, right down

Your hands wrapped ‘round my thighs

I’ll go down

Down on you,  down I said

(let me tell you now)

We’ll go down

Cum so much we’ll almost drown

My cock is so high

Baby go down

Swallow it all girl, take it all down

I said

[Chorus ]

Because I’m horny

Jack along if you feel like a fuck without a rule, Because I’m horny

Stroke along if you feel like cumming is for you, Because I’m horny

Rub along if you know what fingers do to you, Because I’m horny

Fuck along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

Hey, cum on


You’ll go down… and get something…

I’ll go down… wet between your thighs…

We’ll go down… a little naughty something…

You’ll go down, I said

(let me tell you now)

Cum on


A special THANK YOU to bruisedbelly for the idea to write this as a way of making something annoying more enjoyable.  She also came up with the pseudonym, which was a stroke of genius. Thanks BB for the idea and the moniker.  🙂

My Blog Tour

I have been invited by bruisedbelly to do a Blog Tour. It’s fairly simple actually.  There are four questions to answer that are designed to give other bloggers some idea of where I am coming from as a “writer”.  After that, I chose a few other bloggers to invite to do the same (Please see who they are below and pay them a visit). Easy Peasy. If you haven’t been over to bruisedbelly’s site, please give it a thorough look. There is something there for everyone.  🙂

(PS: Thanks bb for being so damn patient with me on learning how to link.)

The questions:

1) What am I working on at the moment?   A duet with bruisedbelly and a few other small things.  I don’t usually have much in the hopper. They just pop into my head and I write.  I know, boring.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Not sure I have a “genre”. I’m all over the board. Some sexy stuff, some reflective, some soft, some hard…. That said, I am inspired to try things I see other people doing. I enjoy the challenge.

3) Why do I write what I do?   I love sex. In addition to that I love and respect women, their  mind, body and heart….. everything about them. As a man, I could never truly understand a woman, but the process of learning is wonderful. Of course it scares the shit out of me too, but it’s worth it.  LOL   So, I write what I feel. Simple.

4) How does my writing process work?  I get a feeling and I write. It could be sexual, sad, happy, hard or soft. Everything is determined by the feeling at that particular time. I am generally a happy and horny person.  😀

Bloggers I’d like to invite to give us a tour of their mind and blog are:

Desiree G



Sensual Desires