For some unknown reason

I’m drawn to this image

This soft unknown woman

And her warm haunting visage

She is no one I know

No recognizable feature

But again, I’m drawn to her

This beautiful creature

It could be quite possible

My mind knows the truth

That somehow I loved her

In long ago youth

A vestigial memory

I have not a clue

It could be this simple

She reminds of you




A good “Fuck You!”

Flip off

I have only seen two GOOD ways
to be told, “fuck you!”
Bruisedbelly has one on her site
(Which I love reading)
and this one

As men, we will always take offense
to hearing “Fuck you!”
but if presented properly
you can get your point across
and leave an indelible mark in our mind

Just an opinion
From one Man to all Women

Please don’t regard this as sexist
as I am sure there are many ways
you as women could suggest we men
communicate better with you

Comments are quite welcome. 🙂

PS: If I knew how to frigging link to bb’s site I would have, but I’m a doorknob about that stuff. Alas, I am 100% confident she will be able to show you the way to her site in a comment at her first convenience. 🙂

Thoughts on “Thoughts”


So if you commented on my post Thoughts regarding this picture, Thank you very much. It is actually a self portrait my middle son took one day in late winter on a warm day as the snow melted. I would love if anyone (bb) would add your (her) special touch of prose to it. The area to his left seems to be aching for words. He was 16yrs old at the time and had to run from the tripod to the hill so I’m amazed how he made it look so “calm”. Hope it evokes or inspires words in someone because I just look at it and smile. As a father there are no words in my head other than “pride”.