Reaching Back


I believe

I believe in many things

Of this world

And beyond

I believe we linger

We linger if there is work left undone

If there are hearts yet to touch

Messages undelivered

Our soul speaks

After our flesh has passed

It speaks to those who are willing

To hear

To heed

To listen

To understand

To weep

To smile

To grieve

I believe some souls reach back

From ABOVE and beyond


Messengers to the living

They are perfect once again

They guide

In dreams and memories

Of the past

And things yet to come

I believe there is a time

A time those who have passed

Reach back and touch the living

To guide and console

To push and cajole

Sometimes no more than a moment

Sometimes days after

And yet sometimes

They are with us for weeks or months

After they are gone from this world

But they DO reach back

To finish the business of their heart


Be open when they reach for you

It is out of love they defy death

If only for a moment

They reach….

For You

Learning to Walk


Someone very dear to me is going through a difficult time right now

She is a Rock Star in my eyes

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever known

She is learning to “Walk” on her own again

It isn’t easy and it will take effort

She will stumble and possibly fall

but she’s strong in her current fragile state

Heaviness is difficult for me (not that it’s about me)

I feel a need to lighten the moment with silliness

and frivolity

So, my dear….

With all that you are going through

know that I’m here

and remember

in order to walk

Put one foot in front of the other…..(come on, you know the words)

Photo: Winter Warlock / Rankin-Bass – Santa Claus is coming to Town  (1970)

Feel Without Feelings

A Duet by: nottooold2 & Dana



I wish I could still feel

Your touch on my skin

Your lips on my lips

The joy of holding you close

I wish I could forget

The tears of our regret

When my kisses faded

Leaving your needs unmet

I wish I could still feel

The warmth of your body

The happiness you shared

Your breath on my neck

I wish I could forget

My whispered denial

Of promises never meant

As we lay together, spent

I wish I could still feel

The tingle of your fingers through my hair

Aimlessly drifting and twirling

As we drive with no destination in mind

I wish I could forget

All your dangerous curves

I failed to navigate safely

The dead-ends filled with sirens

I wish I could still feel

The ocean breeze on our skin

As we lay naked on the beach

Under the moon and stars

I wish I could forget

the sandy abrasions on my knees

as I pleaded for another chance

to silence your saline good-bye

I wish, above all, I could still feel

Feel everything we were back then

The good and bad, the highs and lows

Feel everything without the all-consuming feelings

(I wish I could forget there was an end at all)

***I would like to thank Dana for helping to flesh this idea out.

Sometimes an off-hand comment can turn into something more.



Been there, done that…. and have the “scars” to prove it.

It’s a nice thought, but reality indicates otherwise.

Some promises seem so simple when they are uttered,

yet so difficult to keep.  Such is life.  😉

This just struck me as humorous.

Blooming in the Dark (written by nottooold2 and myself)

This was a very introspective piece for me, but Jayne made it very comfortable. She is a talented woman with a wonderful mind. Please treat yourself and visit her page. I look forward working together again. Thanks Jayne.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

DWJ Pic-1

Here is something written by Nottooold2 and I. I’m not sure what to say because the outcome was an unexpected one – for me. I would have predicted that a brash and brazen little piece would have been born. I am completely enjoying being wrong about that. Thank you for writing and playing along Nottooold2. Honestly, you always inspire me to keep my eyes on the positive side of life.


My losses hang on my heart

like strands of Spanish moss

light in their sway

in the dark smoke of dashed desires

One no lighter than another,

their weight pulling upon my heart-strings

to play a silent song of tears

that dry before ever hitting the earth.

Yet my heart is strong

and the smoke of desire adds depth

and meaning to each strand

as it lights softly upon the soil

The forest floor is littered

with embers of ashen dreams

desires as…

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