She Wanted to Soar


She said she wanted to soar

to drift on a warm summer breeze.

How could I refuse such a request?

With grown-up hands a child-like plane I did craft.

The perfect vehicle to carry her anywhere her heart desired

for paper is all that is needed to carry a dream or a spirit.




Thought without words

silent understanding

600 miles for a moment

her hand on my knee

my arm around her waist

her head resting on my shoulder

my lips caress her forehead

sitting together

as the world passes us by


faces speaking so very loudly

eyes telling the story in a twinkle

some things never need to be said

they are perfect when left


Our Own Music (A Duet)

We never said it would be easy

This life we’ve entered into

Both coming with armfulls of baggage

Both with bit of skewed view


We can handle all the baggage

What matters now is me and you

Apart, together in word and rhyme

We do the best that we can do


Making our own music

Dancing in our own time

Apart, together we go

Your hand holding mine


Hand in hand, heart to heart

Our thread and private tune

Cacophony of outside noise

To us is picayune


The slightest things in fact so great

When shared with generosity

All is great when affection blooms

This wonderful spontaneity


 So let the world throw its fit

It can’t affect the two of us

Focusing on each other’s face

To outside folly oblivious


Once again my dear partner, bruisedbelly at the Migraine Chronicles , has made this experience far more enjoyable than it would have been as a solo endeavor.  She is an incredible woman.  Please do yourself a favor and visit her page.  There is truly something there for everyone.   🙂

Inconsiderate, Me

Heart Scar

I should have known better

I should have had more empathy

Because she worries

When I’m alone in the woods

An hour after dark and no word from me

That isn’t like me at all

You see, she worries about me sometimes

The stubborn SOB that I am

I push it

I push myself

I take risks

And she worries about me

Three unanswered messages

Borderline freaking out

Finally, I respond

How utterly rude of me

She said, “It’s okay, now I can put my heart back in my chest”

The scar reminds me of the pain I caused

Pain I hope to never put her through again

It would have taken so little

A simple, “I’m okay, just getting something to eat”


But she forgives so readily

And I love her for it

Thank you my dear

Kitchen Dancing

Kitchen Dancing2Kitchen Dancing

You take my hand with trepidation

not sure what to expect

your right in my left

my right in the small of your back

your left resting on my shoulder

Relax my dear

you are safe in my arms

Trust me

follow my lead

my left will push your right,

my right will pull you in

in unison we will glide as one

To music only we can hear

This could be our life together

our evening ritual before dinner

or before bed

wearing a path in the kitchen tile

one two three, one two three

just you and me

And so it would be


Two become one


to music that does not exist

Music only hearts can feel

and only children can see

Smiling up at us

with curly red hair

The kitchen our dance floor

simmering pots and pans

our orchestra

and we dance……

Oh, how beautifully we dance

She Soars


She is hard on herself

yet inside she’s tender

Her own toughest critic

but will never surrender

No outside force

can cripple or bind

yet battles still rage

within her own mind

Somehow she prevails

with sweet stubborn grace

a stern look of whimsy

on her beautiful face

I stand here in awe

and watch her soar by

with full sated heart

a tear in my eye

NOTE:  I am quite aware of the disconnect in “a stern look of whimsy”.  If you knew her it would make complete sense.