10 thoughts on “Music Monday

    • And yet you didn’t “like” the post? What the hell?? Hahaha

      BB was kind enough to post it for me because one of three things is the case. 1) I’m a major dork. 2) WP is being shit. 3) Both.


      • 1.you go to the site or page that you want others to see.
        2.You click in the URL window and “copy” the address. (the window is the one at the top of the page where is says “wordpress.com” right now.
        3. You don’t do any more copying until you are back on your WP site with your post open.
        4. You highlight (which selects tells the computer what word you want to us to click to link to your linked site or page that you want to share with your loyal fans.
        5. With the word or phrase or even single number highlighted, go to your “link” icon above the post in the same place that spellcheck, type color and other style icons are located. It looks like 2 links of a chain and click on it.
        6. That URL address you copied now gets pasted in the window that is always highlighted in lt. blue for me on this Mac. Do a “Command V” with keyboard or click “paste” under the Edit drop Down Menu of the window. The word you highlighted is now the magic transporter for us to see what you want us to see.
        7. Stand Up, Shake your Booty and sing “Ta Dah” as you wiggle around.
        8. Go to view post, test your link in the post – oh and select to open a new window in that linking window where you paste the copied URL address. It is better than making people scroll back to their original page. imo
        9. If it doesn’t work, try again and pay attention instead of doing it while staring at naked pics you’ve accumulated.


      • This is probably a really good list of instructions for someone other than me. If you can’t whittle it down to 2 items, count me out. I caused BB major frustration when she tried to teach me how to link her page for our first duet. I’m so un-tech that I gladly paid extra to have Apple build me a custom rotary iPhone so I’d know how to work it. Bahahahaha


      • LOL Good for YOU!! I hate reading instructions. Show me and I learn, tell me and maybe, write it to me and I get distracted easily. Hmmm custom rotary phone? You mean No Touch Screen?


      • It’s a one of a kind rotary touch screen. I’m like Fred Flintstone living with the Jetsons.
        Hell, I go through 10 pair of shoes a year just stopping my car. 🙂


      • As a man, there is only one “Command V” I know. LOL

        Um, did you mean the letter V or the Roman numeral for 5?? My keyboard doesn’t have Roman numerals. Bahahahaha


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