For Her Pleasure Only

Her pleasure

Giving just for giving’s sake

without expecting ever to take

lay back my dear and feel the tingle

I’ll take my time with sweet cunnaligual

tasting your nectar my spirit will soar

lapping, sucking and wanting you more

fingers will spread your sweet dripping lips

my hands are controlling pulsating hips

grinding yourself hard into my face

pulling aside your panties of lace

cum for me now, you sweet sexy girl

as I lick and I suck your glistening pearl

now that you’ve cum all at my behest

I want you to watch me clean up your mess

with careful attention I lap at your gift

descend from our high with bodies adrift

And you cum again…….





6 thoughts on “For Her Pleasure Only

  1. Who would have thought that you could make cunnalingual rhyme with tingle. WHO?!?! That’s a fine piece of poetry there, mister. Not forced. Smooth and insatiable. Not unlike its author, I suppose.


    • Smooth!!! I just e-mailed BB with a quote from that song. Santana/Rob Thomas. Love that tune.
      And you used “insatiable” on purpose. Fricking LOVE that word.
      Hey, You wouldn’t happen to be in DTW tonight, cuz I’m heading to the Tigers/Yankees game…. Beer time??


      • Well this is a little late… That would have been fun! Some day we’ll have to do that. my schedule is completely unpredictable right now but…. one day, my friend, we will make that work! Besides… the Tigers are doing SO MUCH better than the Blue Jays. It might actually be fun to watch a game.


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