She Lingers

Her: “Did you wash your hands yet?”

Him: “No, why would I?”

Her: “Because your fingers are covered in my cum”

Him: “Yes they are. Does that bother you?”

Her: “Not really, but you still have to eat lunch”

Him: “Yes I do, and….?”

Her: “Won’t that ruin your meal?”

Him: “Not in the least. I love the way you taste”

Her: “And my scent doesn’t distract you?”

Him: “Of course it does. I crave it like a drug”

Her: “I don’t understand you sometimes”

Him: “You don’t need to understand my dear. Just smile and say, Thank you”

Her: “Thank you” (Smile)

Taco Lust


I have a confession.

I love Rosa (The burrito lady)

She comes to me (my office) each morning

with the most delicious hand made

burritos known to mankind

Bacon/potato, sausage/egg, ground beef, diced beef, chorizo and egg (OMG)

each one hand rolled with love, in a delicate flour tortilla…..

But then there are her tacos.

Not just any taco

Deep fried tacos of glorious chicken or beef.

I cannot contain my human urges

My lust is palpable when the office assistant rings me to say, “Rosa is here”

I go for the chicken and add her special sauce

making it extra hot, just the way I like it

Oh Rosa………..


Dappled Sunlight

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Mind adrift with carnal thought

Lustful stirrings, not quite sin

Lessons learned, but never taught

Her silken form does wait for me

Pleasures both forever sought

Undulating like the sea

Rolling as an evening storm

Foretelling lust that will be

Gentle rain, soft and warm

The love rains down sublime

Mind and body consumed in swarm

Bodies tangled in naked rhyme

Always knowing I’m her man

Each and every sultry time

Celestial rays form an alluvial fan

Dappled sunlight on her skin

Illuminates a greater plan

  This was not as easy as I had imagined.  Thank you to Der Erzahler at Der Erzahler’s Musings for the poetic form idea. His post “The Beast Within” was written in Terza Rima form and the above is my feeble attempt at the same and was written with a certain someone in mind….. I hope her belly is not so bruised at this particular moment.  😉




We talk of love

Of sex and wanting

Life and all its twists and turns

Our conversations never seem to end

They seamlessly flow from day to night to day

With every single word and phrase

I feel it deep within my bones

Body crying out for you

An agonizing pull



Barbed Wire

Those that are crazy enough to read my…whatever it is I do, will know I require balance

to  insure all is well with the (My) world.  So in the name of balance here is a little something

to even out the most recent “soft” piece.  I feel so much better now.  🙂


Barbed wire

Needled points of steel

for which you yearn to feel

a sharp and biting pain

from which we both will gain


Give yourself unto me

and I will set you free

everything that you desire

I’ll stoke your inner fire


Jagged wire on tender flesh

both our souls refreshed

iron hand in velvet glove

just to show my love


This my love is your reward

your needs are not ignored

satisfying both our lust

and build a perfect trust