We talk of love

Of sex and wanting

Life and all its twists and turns

Our conversations never seem to end

They seamlessly flow from day to night to day

With every single word and phrase

I feel it deep within my bones

Body crying out for you

An agonizing pull



12 thoughts on “Aching

    • To some degree you are right, but damn is it great while it lasts. Some pain is worth it and always will be.
      PS: I am a hopeless optimist and it’s contagious. Fair warning. 🙂


      • See if you practice letting others be optimistic for you until you. Maybe it will start to happen little by little without all the stress and anxiety of thinking about it too much. Just a thought. The hard part is letting it happen without a fight. Practice saying Thank you, OFTEN. Even when you don’t feel like it.


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