The Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer

She creates order from chaos

The master of all she surveys

Look into her eyes and you will know

She is not to be trifled with

She is fearless and focused

Neither teeth, claws nor muscle intimidate her

Your potential to harm is not her concern

She will crack her whip, and

You will jump or sit as instructed

Watch her in awe and wonder my friend

She is a tamer of life’s lions


Reminds me of L & T……

Kill Bill 2

Just watched Kill Bill 2 (again) the other day and this line from the end of the movie caught my attention.

Uma Thurman’s character (The Bride) just told David Carradine’s character (Bill) that she was a bad person after basically exploding his heart with her fingers.  This was his response, knowing he was about to die.

I just sat there smiling to myself and thought, “Yep, it’s just like that.”

There are two incredible women that share this amazingly wonderful trait.  😉

Maybe it explains why we can care so much for certain people even when they hurts us.

Strength (Women)

This post my seem a bit rambling and uncharacteristic, but it’s on my mind and I kind of need to get it out. Bare with me.  🙂


Strength is not unfeeling

strength is not uncaring

it has nothing to do with muscle

but everything to do with will


You cannot possibly know how strong you are

until  there is no other choice but to be strong


We all dislike making hard choices

choices that may cause pain for ourselves or others

we sometimes delay, stall and procrastinate

when it comes to these choices


Postponing pain is uniquely human

other creatures my avoid it

but human beings are the only animal

capable of knowing for certain pain is inevitable

and delaying it, thereby allowing us the chance to prepare


Strength comes from the willingness to take on this pain

the ability to KNOW it’s coming and yet do what needs to be done


Women posses a strength that most men will never know

because it comes from something beyond physical power

women have a strength of the heart

strength of empathy

strength of determination

and the unquantifiable strength that is undeniably Woman.



*** I would have preferred to use another pic of a woman dressed like Clark Kent/Superman, but figured all kinds of hell would break loose if I did so I opted for a Google image.  But the pic I wanted to use would have been PERFECT for this post.  Oh well.   🙂





I have absolutely nothing to write about this picture

other than it is stunningly beautiful to me

and I struggle to pull my eyes away from it.

I am inexplicably drawn to a drawing.

Without an ounce of artistic ability, I can’t understand

how anyone can draw like this.  Everything

about this picture captivates my mind.

The chair, the shading, her eyes,

the way her right arm frames her face and her

left arm hangs showing her perfect hand and fingers,

her toned body, the way her hand pushes her hair back,

the definition in her cheek bones, her shins,

a glimpse of her breast and curve of her butt, her mouth and her lips….

It is simply compelling.