The Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer

She creates order from chaos

The master of all she surveys

Look into her eyes and you will know

She is not to be trifled with

She is fearless and focused

Neither teeth, claws nor muscle intimidate her

Your potential to harm is not her concern

She will crack her whip, and

You will jump or sit as instructed

Watch her in awe and wonder my friend

She is a tamer of life’s lions


Swamp Drainer

*** This goes out to everyone struggling with too much going on in their life at the moment.  Remember, eventually it WILL pass….  It was inspired by a conversation with BB that reminded me of an old saying I heard my father use.


She stood, surrounded

Hungry, evil eyes peering at her

Through murky waters

The stench overpowering yet oddly sweet

Decaying vegetation and rotting flesh


She stood, surrounded

Wanting to scream or cry

To flee for her life

Shaking from fear and anger

Defiant and determined


She stood, surrounded

Blood stained teeth glistened 

Waiting to devour her whole

Ripping her limb from limb

Staining murky waters red


She stood, surrounded

Feeling weak, yet strong

Up to her ass in alligators

She would not succumb

She would drain this damn swamp

Once and for all

On Being Happy for Others….

Why is it that some people find it so difficult to compliment others or be happy for someone else. I hope you are not one of these people. You know who I am talking about…. The person that always seems to find fault in the new “thing” you bought. Those subtle cut downs like, “Why did you get that color?” OR “I guess if you like that model, it’s okay”, “Why do you drink THAT brand of coffee?”, “I guess if that’s all you can afford…”. This is the passive cut down that is subversive and rude. Many people walk away from these interactions without knowing why they feel so bad about something they were originally happy about.

A similar type of person is one that simply cannot find it within him/herself to be happy for others. They feel the need to openly cut people down in a futile attempt to boost their own self-worth or soothe their fragile ego. They belittle and bully others to compensate for their personal shortcomings. Thinking that if they cut someone else down, it will lift them up. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is like a drug that gives a high. The more you use it, the more that is required to give the high. At some point it becomes your master turning you into a bitter shell of a man/woman. You convince yourself it is due to jealousy of your intelligence, talent or beauty. In your warped view of yourself, you start to rationalize your behavior… because after all, you ARE superior to others…Right? They don’t get you because you are on another plain than they are.

These people are children at heart. They have never developed beyond the mental capacity of a 7yr old. I don’t say that as a slam. It is simply an observation. Think about it for a moment. We were all taught as children that we are not the center of the universe. That the world does not revolve around us. We were taught this because, as a child, the world DOES revolve around us. It is only when we grow that we are shown the truth. Sadly for some, this learning never occurs and they are stuck in a child-like state. Always expecting the world to cater to their every need and desire. To tell them they are the best, the smartest, the fastest, the most beautiful. If they do not get this affirmation, they attack and belittle others in a never-ending attempt to sate their hunger to be the center of the universe.

These people seem to think that being happy for others is form a weakness and strength comes from being an ass. The truth is that it is the exact opposite.

Being confidently humble does not come naturally for many people. It is usually a learned skill. Sometimes taught by parents or grandparents and sometimes learned the hard way when life smacks you in the face. The not-so-secret secret is to humble yourself with confidence.

Ask yourself: Is hating a rich man going to make you wealthy? Is finding fault with your neighbor’s new car going to put a new car in your driveway? Is cutting someone down for going to make you feel better about yourself?   If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I feel sorry for you. If you answered No, good for you. Always strive to be cognizant of the words you chose and the message you communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Be genuinely happy for others when they are happy and support them when they are down. This is not rocket science folks. It is simply part of being a mature adult.

With that said, I am not a wishy washy, hug your enemy person and intentionally crossing me is a serious mistake. What I’m saying is don’t fool yourself into believing knocking others down has the inverse effect on you. The fact of the matter is, it lessens you as a person.  You will find that being happy for others will increase your personal happiness exponentially. Then again, I realize there are people that make the choice to be unhappy. For that I have no answer.

NOTE: This rant has been brought to you by the ever humble, nottooold2. It has not been proof-read or checked for grammatical errors. It is a rant and by its very nature simply flowed from my mind through my fingers to your computer or phone screen. It flip flops from first person to third person and back…and all around.  Whatever. 

Enjoy….or not. I’m good with either.  🙂

Her Ring (Rose Quartz)

Rose Quartz

Given to her for strength

For balance

For peace

For love

My unconditional love, always

To help her love herself

Which I so desperately desired for her

And she so desperately needed

Custom designed specifically for her

Designed to calm her heart and mind

One of a kind for a one of a kind

Perfection on perfection

Once her source of comfort when we were apart

Now a source of pain and regret


Hidden in a dark box, alone

Waiting for her to see the truth

Though we were not meant to be

It’s meaning remains

Some day, in a quiet moment of solitude

She will slip it on her dainty finger again

Smile and remember

Unconditional Love

My lasting love for her

Her ring

Strength (Women)

This post my seem a bit rambling and uncharacteristic, but it’s on my mind and I kind of need to get it out. Bare with me.  🙂


Strength is not unfeeling

strength is not uncaring

it has nothing to do with muscle

but everything to do with will


You cannot possibly know how strong you are

until  there is no other choice but to be strong


We all dislike making hard choices

choices that may cause pain for ourselves or others

we sometimes delay, stall and procrastinate

when it comes to these choices


Postponing pain is uniquely human

other creatures my avoid it

but human beings are the only animal

capable of knowing for certain pain is inevitable

and delaying it, thereby allowing us the chance to prepare


Strength comes from the willingness to take on this pain

the ability to KNOW it’s coming and yet do what needs to be done


Women posses a strength that most men will never know

because it comes from something beyond physical power

women have a strength of the heart

strength of empathy

strength of determination

and the unquantifiable strength that is undeniably Woman.



*** I would have preferred to use another pic of a woman dressed like Clark Kent/Superman, but figured all kinds of hell would break loose if I did so I opted for a Google image.  But the pic I wanted to use would have been PERFECT for this post.  Oh well.   🙂