Be Batman

BA Batman

I have about had it.
Had it up to my eyeballs
with all these whining
crybaby kids.

I’m not talking about
emotional pain here.
That is something completely
different and personal.

I am referring to physical pain.
A cut or a scratch. A broken finger.
A claw hammer ripped off your nipple.
Little stuff like that.

Oh, you got a scratch
on your arm or an itty bitty
cut on your knee…..

You don’t need Neosporin
or a fucking Bandaid.
Come on!!!
Pack some dirt in it
and play ball
like us “old” people did.

Your little tummy hurts
or you feel “yucky” so
you call in sick.


Are you shitting me?!
Grow the hell up
you soft-ass little powder puff.

Life is hard
and sometimes it hurts.

Be like Batman.
No super powers like Superman or Spiderman.

No, Batman took care of business
with just brains and a Bad-ass attitude.

So suck it up you candy-ass
little sons-a-bitches
and stop your whining.

AND Mommies and Daddies….
Leave them alone and let them
fall down.
You survived. In fact it made you
the strong person you are today.
What makes you think
it won’t do the same for them?

Pain is simply weakness leaving the body.
Deal with it.

Be Batman!!!!

And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

Thanks for letting me rant today. I needed to get that out.
And thanks to bruisedbelly for the pic. It was just what I needed
to bring this whole tirade to fruition.