Reaching Back


I believe

I believe in many things

Of this world

And beyond

I believe we linger

We linger if there is work left undone

If there are hearts yet to touch

Messages undelivered

Our soul speaks

After our flesh has passed

It speaks to those who are willing

To hear

To heed

To listen

To understand

To weep

To smile

To grieve

I believe some souls reach back

From ABOVE and beyond


Messengers to the living

They are perfect once again

They guide

In dreams and memories

Of the past

And things yet to come

I believe there is a time

A time those who have passed

Reach back and touch the living

To guide and console

To push and cajole

Sometimes no more than a moment

Sometimes days after

And yet sometimes

They are with us for weeks or months

After they are gone from this world

But they DO reach back

To finish the business of their heart


Be open when they reach for you

It is out of love they defy death

If only for a moment

They reach….

For You

The Rabbit

Bitter cold greats my morning commute

Crystalline branches bow a salute

Angry soil yearns for bare feet

Longing to feel sweet summer heat


Headlights reveal something ahead

A tiny object, living or dead

Piece of brown paper or tree bark perhaps

With realization, my heart in collapse


Source of this movement now I do see

Burning red eyes pleading with me

Don’t leave me here to suffer this fate

My pain and my fear you now must abate


The soft dullen thud felt to my core

Compassion can be such a wicked old chore

No further pain nor frost-bitten chill

Such was his life, a cold bitter pill


A  poor rabbit’s tale of pain and of fear?

Or wicked reflection in my morning mirror?

The answer is there for all who will see

For I am the rabbit, the rabbit is me

Reflection on Feelings



No person or no thing can MAKE you feel a particular way.

Seek out the GOOD and shun the negative. 

Your state of mind is a series of CHOICES.

Focus your heart AND mind.

You choose the way in which to INTERPRET the world around you. 

Choose WISELY.

Capitalize….. and live.


It Was You

It was you

Last night I dreamt of you

My mind reached out to touch you

My eyes were full of you and only you

I was smiling and I was happy

Blissfully happy


It felt surreal and beautiful and wonderful

My nose was filled with your scent

My arms were full of your body

Our spirits were as one

It was perfect



you were there

you were there with me

and I was with you


But something changed

my consciousness changed

I became aware of a stark reality


I was dead

I had died in my sleep while dreaming of you


Was this to be my eternity?

Would this feeling be my Heaven?

I wept with joy at the thought


You had consumed my consciousness in the living world

and now you would be my consciousness in the after world

I was content


But it was not to be

I felt a strange tug at my arm and heard a voice in my head

“Are you okay, are you okay?”

“What happened?  Oh my god!! Are you okay?”


My eyes opened to panic stricken faces


I had fainted and fallen in a heap on the floor

incoherent on the cold tile

was it a dream or had I actually passed away

if only for a brief moment

I believe I had

and in that moment

my soul was grasping for something precious

for something perfect

it was grasping for you

it was you