Blooming in the Dark (written by nottooold2 and myself)

This was a very introspective piece for me, but Jayne made it very comfortable. She is a talented woman with a wonderful mind. Please treat yourself and visit her page. I look forward working together again. Thanks Jayne.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

DWJ Pic-1

Here is something written by Nottooold2 and I. I’m not sure what to say because the outcome was an unexpected one – for me. I would have predicted that a brash and brazen little piece would have been born. I am completely enjoying being wrong about that. Thank you for writing and playing along Nottooold2. Honestly, you always inspire me to keep my eyes on the positive side of life.


My losses hang on my heart

like strands of Spanish moss

light in their sway

in the dark smoke of dashed desires

One no lighter than another,

their weight pulling upon my heart-strings

to play a silent song of tears

that dry before ever hitting the earth.

Yet my heart is strong

and the smoke of desire adds depth

and meaning to each strand

as it lights softly upon the soil

The forest floor is littered

with embers of ashen dreams

desires as…

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