The Words She Doesn’t Say

It’s been said

thought cannot exist

without words



the basis of thought

and language



Quick, think of something

anything at all

without thinking of the word for that thing


Can you?

Did you?



Maybe not


If the above is true

there is one thing I know

and it defies reason and logic


I hear the words she doesn’t say


The thoughts she has

without a single syllable or intonation


From miles away

yet they are clear to me

resonating in my head and heart


What a wonderful gift

we share, she and I


Without words

Roads & Fences

Roads & Fences

Life is a series of roads and fences

the roads we chose can take us to new places

and they can take us home

They can lead us to new experiences

and bring back memories

They can guide us to a new friend or lover

and yet be a lonely desolate place

Fences can hold us in

and keep us out

They provide protection for those we love

and discourage those we’ve yet to meet

They can be beautiful works of art

or ugly reminders of pain and evil

There are many roads and fences between us

miles and miles of concrete, stone and mud

section after section of chain link, split rail and fieldstone

But sometimes

for some souls

Roads are more than a path

fences are not just a barrier

Because for me

All roads lead to you

and fences are simply a place to rest along the way