Playroom (A duet)

A duet from: bruisedbelly & nottooold2


From across the room I feel your eyes

They radiate between my thighs

Holding your stare, I move to you

The crowd disappears, it’s just we two


Take my hand, find a hide-a-way

Let’s find room, a place to play

Rushing blood creates a hum

It won’t be long before we cum


Before we do, a taste I must

Part your thighs, with wanton lust

To kiss your lips is so divine

The sweetness on my tongue, sublime


Arching to you, once, then twice

My mouth moans pleasure and invites

My body begs and pleads

Cum hard inside me


Bodies collide in sweetest embrace

Expressions of pleasure etched on our face

One final thrust buried deep in your crease

Throbbing pulsations, you feel my release


***Bruisedbelly and I were in one of those moods the other day and needed to get our release. Imagining a Playroom of sorts did the trick for both of us.  Thanks BB for being a constant source of inspiration.  XO

If you haven’t been to Her page DO IT NOW, capisce?!!

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