6 thoughts on “Her old ways (Revisited)

    • I know…. It was written as a way for me to vent a little after a brief return of “Her”. The old good feelings came with old bad feelings because she is still battling the same demons in the same ways she always has. A blade and the dick of man that doesn’t care. At least I understand why she does it and that I am not able to help, but needed a place to get it out. She is gone for good now, as far as I know and I wish her peace and happiness.


  1. Wow. That is all I can say – as I look down at scars which keep multiplying. You at least tried to understand. I cannot explain it to myself. I just do what I do. And I cannot stop b


  2. Caring is trying & trying is caring. I had to. Her struggle with low self-worth and it’s cause always tugged at my heart. Unconditionally caring was one of the ways I could SHOW her how much she meant. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me, but it’s all I have. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.


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