For E**** [Trigger Warning]

Because it needs to be heard.

Through the Fog poetry

When she screamed, begged, and cried,
Did it make you feel big inside?
You said you loved her, you fucking lied…
She thought you would always be by her side.
How could you bring yourself to hurt her,
For your pleasure? Was it fun?
Her family contemplates murder…
Now, she’ll never feel safe,
she will grow to trust no one.
The memories will forever chafe…
She couldn’t even fight back,
You broke her innocent body.
I hope she survives this attack,
And you are killed, a sick nobody.
Unforgivable, in my parental mind,
You’re lower and dirtier than shit.
Someday, I hope, peace, she shall find,
The strength and love to get through it…


I realize this piece may be triggering, but it needed to be said, and I needed to get it out.

E**** is the name of the victim.  She’s only four years old.  My heart hurts.

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