Her Ring (Rose Quartz)

Rose Quartz

Given to her for strength

For balance

For peace

For love

My unconditional love, always

To help her love herself

Which I so desperately desired for her

And she so desperately needed

Custom designed specifically for her

Designed to calm her heart and mind

One of a kind for a one of a kind

Perfection on perfection

Once her source of comfort when we were apart

Now a source of pain and regret


Hidden in a dark box, alone

Waiting for her to see the truth

Though we were not meant to be

It’s meaning remains

Some day, in a quiet moment of solitude

She will slip it on her dainty finger again

Smile and remember

Unconditional Love

My lasting love for her

Her ring

18 thoughts on “Her Ring (Rose Quartz)

  1. I’m with words4jp, I would so not want something that belonged to the ex…
    It would make me think I was a second best settlement acting as a replacement, rather than think I was loved :/


    • To have it given back would tear me up, because once I give a gift it is no longer mine. I would much rather she sell it or give it away or pawn it. And like the piece says, maybe one day she will dig through her jewelry and find it and remember the good and happy things not everything that was bad. Rose quartz has a very specific meaning and if you read back to my piece titled “Hate” you will see why rose quartz was the choice. If he truly does carry it in his pocket that may not be enough for you to change your heart, but it definitely gives you an idea of where his heart is. And that is something.

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