Photo: Google Images (Alicia Witt)

This is NOT “her”, but……

damn if Alicia Witt doesn’t look like HER.

Add a few hot-ass tattoos and BAM, it’s her.

FUCK ME!!!  I was flipping through channels and my heart stopped.  The actress (Alicia Witt) looked just like HER. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and it was the fucking Hallmark Channel too!!   Yep, I watched an entire program on the damn Hallmark Channel just because the lead actress looked like her.  I didn’t care about dialogue, plot, etc.  Only that for a few moments I could “see her” again.   Funny how the heart works.

13 thoughts on “Her…..

      • it is a pg-13 rated film with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. I believe you get to see her in a tennis outfit and evening gown and maybe a scene where she is wearing Hugh Grants shirt – playing strip chess. But no. I would recommend going on IMDB’s website and reviewing her body of work. You may find something worthwhile to salivate over.


      • Actually, as much as I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen I don’t think it wise to “go there”. I’m sure you understand why I say that. It was wonderful to “see her”, but it fucking hurt like hell too.

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      • If it makes you feel any better – she does not look like that anymore. You must have seen the older hallmark movie she was featured in a few years ago. There is a new one and she looks nothing like the picture you have posted. And do not ask me why or how I know this… And yes, looking at photos blows – I have rid myself of all that I can – except an ex-husband. Unfortunately, I still see the face of one on WP.


      • That just sucks. I’m sorry that’s true for you. What is weird is that I love seeing her, but I hate it at the same time. 🙂 It’s really messed up, but then again… so am I. Hahaha 🙂


      • And No, it doesn’t help because I saw her. That is what sticks with me. Always has, always will. Honestly, I don’t mind. BB and I discussed this very thing. Some people are in your blood and they need to be there for better or worse. It just IS. Does that make sense? It’s like the pain is totally worth the memory and everything that is lost. What “was” is beautiful and perfect in it’s time. Damn that sounds so corny, but it’s the way I (and BB) feel about our respective pasts.


      • THAT is what i cannot come to terms with. I get it – understand it but cannot accept it. In a photo i see my stupidity. My ignorance. And this overshadows the – good and the love and the blah blah blah. Its me making a choice i should have never made.


      • Don’t ever regret the past. I don’t and never will. As much as it hurts sometimes, she is an integral part of my life and how I love people going forward. I will love her until I am dust and that isn’t a bad thing. Who we love defines us. Reciprocity is not under our control.

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  1. I’ve like a lot of your work but I had to say something on this as it struck home so hard and true as did Words4jp’s comments. My Ex is here – in gravatar form – and it hurts like a bastard to see his face, Doesn’t matter if I left or if he’s gone or that it was great, bad or wrong. Other faces that echo his get me every time – thanks dude who brushed past me this AM as I headed out to work. It’s thrilling, enticing, horrible and… all of the things. You nailed it – it’s funny how the heart works.


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