It Was You

It was you

Last night I dreamt of you

My mind reached out to touch you

My eyes were full of you and only you

I was smiling and I was happy

Blissfully happy


It felt surreal and beautiful and wonderful

My nose was filled with your scent

My arms were full of your body

Our spirits were as one

It was perfect



you were there

you were there with me

and I was with you


But something changed

my consciousness changed

I became aware of a stark reality


I was dead

I had died in my sleep while dreaming of you


Was this to be my eternity?

Would this feeling be my Heaven?

I wept with joy at the thought


You had consumed my consciousness in the living world

and now you would be my consciousness in the after world

I was content


But it was not to be

I felt a strange tug at my arm and heard a voice in my head

“Are you okay, are you okay?”

“What happened?  Oh my god!! Are you okay?”


My eyes opened to panic stricken faces


I had fainted and fallen in a heap on the floor

incoherent on the cold tile

was it a dream or had I actually passed away

if only for a brief moment

I believe I had

and in that moment

my soul was grasping for something precious

for something perfect

it was grasping for you

it was you


11 thoughts on “It Was You

  1. Wow! I have had a similar experience but i know fir a fact that what I experienced was on the other side. A field that i was flying over, lush and full of dancing people, all of whom i knew, but were dead. I was there.

    I was very sick at home. Alone. And for just a moment i left and came back. Chilling and yet heartening. I’m so glad you weren’t injured, my friend. And so interesting where your mind went in it’s time of need.


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