The Rest of the Story (an ode to CB)

Another fun Duet with the lovely and talented bruisedbelly. This is in response to a comment made by the always entertaining, Chris Brown.
Ice cream 3
The authorities were called to the mess

what had happened no one could guess

the area was filled with whipped cream
chocolate and sprinkles all over the scene

Reports of moaning long into the night
what could have possibly caused this sight
the only explanation to come to mind
an ice cream truck explosion of epic kind
The driver and his passenger found
spent and naked on the ground
covered in such drippy goo
assumptions abound, but no one knew
Sweet confections all over the place

both unconscious with smiling face

cops and bystanders stood in awe
her sticky breast still clutched in his paw
Ice cream 2

9 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story (an ode to CB)

  1. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about!! See what happens? SEE?!?! It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or the Ice Cream Truck explodes.

    I warned you. You’re playing with fire, you two. Well… not fire. But ice cream. You’re playing with ice cream, you two.

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