Dear Diary…

If you have ever been in a relationship of any kind for any amount of time, these thoughts have crossed your mind to 1° or another. Well said T. I hope you don’t mind the re-blog.

Tragic Escape

Dear Diary,
I don’t know what to do,
Part of me says stay,
The other half is through.

Dear Diary,
I’m lost and so confused,
My heart is black and blue,
My mind is all bemused.

Dear Diary,
The answer is so clear;
Wants and needs are far apart,
The time for truth is near.

Dear Diary,
I know I should leave this place,
It’s dark and dank and dusty,
But I’d really miss his warm embrace.

Dear Diary,
Help me please to choose;
Which will hurt the most?
Either way I lose…

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12 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. Of course I don’t mind the reblog, I’m quite surprised and happy you find this something that is worth reblogging! Thanks you for the compliments!! x


  2. It’s really strange how the tide turns through the process of this decision. I’ve played it so carefully and intently that I became crippled in managing the damage. Other times, I think I over thought it all because in the end, there is no great way.


    • So very true. And not to say, “With age comes wisdom”, but for sure with life comes wisdom. Thanks for adding your thoughts Jayne, I’m sure T will glean, at the very least, a modicum of wisdom from them.


  3. My conclusion is: There is no right way and thinking too much teaches others to think too much or not?? Who knows. All I know is if I didn’t do what I needed to do, which was get out of something that was more detrimental than positive, I would teach my daughters that it was ok to settle for “just getting by”. I could go on and on and I have a theory of change on that whole endeavor but I’m so tired of my own voice. That’s why it was nice to read you two. xo, J


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