Worked like a Charm

Sleep Aid

Laying awake again

tossing and turning

trying to relax and turn it all off

mind racing, thoughts burning


How long have I thrashed

left, then right, front then back

I’m so damn tired

it’s sleep that I lack


11:23, 11:47, 12:04, 12:57

shit, my legs hurt with no way to ease

an hour and a half of trying in vain

I need to relax, I need a release


Hand slips down, I’m ready to go

not many strokes, this won’t take long

then off to the kitchen for an Ambien

with tingly flaccid dong


Slip under the covers

and set the alarm

good morning sunshine

it worked like a charm





6 thoughts on “Worked like a Charm

  1. I think Chris was being funny. Ambien is lovely. Take it in bed or walking to your bed though, right? I’ve been on the phone and worried my sister with my hallucinating as I fought to stay awake. I don’t do that anymore.


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