Sometimes it is much more

more than arms wrapped around you

more than the scent of someone you long for

more than the warmth of that person held close to you

more than the feel of their breath on your neck and the heave of their chest


Sometimes it’s so much more

so much more than a simple look in their eyes

so much more than a tactile sensation as you embrace

so much more than the gift of their presence against all logic


Sometimes it’s simply amazing

amazing they trusted enough to come

amazing they went out of their way just for you

amazing they took a detour to spend precious moments together



Some times, are perfect.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Sometimes that simple look in the eyes is all you need. Especially when they’re sparkling. Sounds like a wonderful walk on the wild side.

    And the gum’s a good idea. I don’t care how much you like someone, there is nothing that makes coffee breath good. Except making it go away.


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